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Ramzan, Ramdev, Yoga Day: Passions Rise High

As India gears up to hold a massive International Yoga Day on June 21, Sunday, the rumblings from the Muslims have taken cetre-stage bringing passions upfront at a time when the Islamic holy month of Ramzan is on with fasting underway already.

When some Muslims opted out of the yoga day since Surya Namaskar is against the tenets of their religion, the Yoga guru Baba Ramdev retorted in his usual way that may upset many of his detractors.

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. (IANS)

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. (IANS)

Baba Ramdev explained that yoga is nothing but breathing in and out and religion has no role to play. “Take in air and then exhale. Do it again… What do you feel? Has your religion changed?” he asked media.

“How can such a simple thing threaten someone’s religion? If you really think that your religion is so weak that it can be threatened by yoga, you should leave that religion because there is no point in practicing such a weak religion,” he advised.

Despite rumblings among Muslims, some institutions such as Muslim Rashtriya Manch came out with a publication ‘Yoga and Islam’ explaining that there is no religious undertones when one practises the ancient system of exercise.

Even the famous Ajmer Sharif dargah head Diwam Sayed Zainual Aabedeen Ali Khan said yoga is good for health and warned Muslims against playing into the hands of fundamentalist organisations, which may confuse their beliefs.

However, some Muslims say the hype during the month of Ramzan, a month of day-time fasting.

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