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Ram Gopal Verma Says ‘Sayonara’ to Telugu Viewers with ‘Vangaveeti’

Controversial director Ram Gopal Verma, whose films flopped in Telugu in a row since his row with Telugu actors a decade ago, finally said he would bid goodbye to making Telugu films and the last one will be ‘Vangaveeti’.

Known as a maverick director, his open admiration for Sridevi has put her in several embarrassing situations and finally she had to send him a notice on a film title involving her name. His remarks that Amitabh Bachchan should not have acted in ‘Nishhabd’ equally rocked the Bollywood. His latest film ‘Killing Veerappan’ joined the ranks of Hits in Kannada with a good theme.

While Telugu fim-goers will not miss him, his absence will make way for better Telugu films to follow "Vangaveeti" that surrounds the age-old rivalry between the two families of Vangaveeti and Devineni, hailing from Vijayawada. In a press release, RGV, as he is known for many, said, "I have decided to quit Telugu films after this project because I will never be able to get a bigger story.”

The director, who made headlines with Nagarjuna-starrer "Shiva" and pushed the actor’s status high in the Telugu films made room for the career growth of many Telugu heroes and heroines despite his off-the-shoot remarks and controversial statements. Ironic but Shiva was based on Vijayawada gang wars and his last film too will be based on the same theme, he said.

An expert in making gang-war films, RGV is busy with his next film based on Dawood Ibrahim-Chota Rajan rivalry in Mumbai. His return to Bollywood forever may make him less pronounced in Telugu film industry.

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