Rahul Gandhi Caught Copying Nepal Quake Condolence Message from Phone

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, despite his return with bang, was caught copying a tribute message from his phone at the embassy of Nepal.

Rahul Gandhi visited the Nepal embassy in New Delhi on Friday to pay his tributes to victims of the earthquake, and was supposed to write in a visitors’ book his feelings. But he ended up writing verbatim some message sent to him perhaps by his aide.

Bad luck that TV cameras were able to spot him with the cell phone in his hands ready to copy and he did it unmindful of the the protruding cameras, looking at his phone for every word.

Soon the video was on social media website twitter and the hashtag #PappuCantWrite was going all over. Poor Rahul, he has been hounded for every mistake and the irony is that he is unaware of some basic etiquette as a politician.

Earlier on Friday, Rahul met ambassador Deep Kumar Upadhyay, and wrote in the condolence book his tribute copied verbatim from his phone:

“Over the last week, the world has watched in horror as the tragedy in Nepal unfolded. Some wounds will never heal, but as Nepal begins the hard task of rebuilding… the people of India stand with you in strength and solidarity .”


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