Periscope, Twitter’s Live-Streaming App, Launched for Android Phones

Cover artPeriscope, the live video streaming app from Twitter, is launched on Android devices after its debut on Apple’s iOS platform in March.

With the launch of Periscope, Twitter has entered the battle of live-streaming apps. Its rival streaming app Meerkat was available on Google Play store from May. Meerkat became overnight sensation upon its launch, however, Twitter blocked access to a function that allowed the video to enter the micro-blogging site.

Periscope app, which was acquired by Twitter in March, is designed for the KitKat and newer versions of the Google’s OS.

Periscope features similar features as on iOS such as save and watch the livestreams later and broadcast them privately. However, there are certain tweaks for the Android platform. Users can set up notifications for when a follower goes live, has shared a broadcast or starts being followed by another user. Moreover, they can also save the broadcasts without the need to upload a file.

The remaining part is similar to the iOS. Followers can login to their app through web browser, leave comments in real-time, and ‘like’ or ‘appreciate’ by tapping on the screen. Broadcasters can also hide comments if they want.

“When we started Periscope, we wanted to build the closest thing to teleportation — by providing users with the best way to start or watch a live video broadcast,” the Periscope team said in an online post. “Our initial launch was limited to just (Apple’s) iOS, but we’ve been working really hard to craft an experience that feels special on Android, yet still unmistakably Periscope.”

Although such apps might be interesting, users should be careful as these apps have tendency to consume heavy data, according to the experts. “I was streaming for about 11 minutes on 4G and I used up in the blink of an eye 250MB (of data),” said reporter Kate Russell from BBC Click. “If you’re watching random streams for about half an hour you’re going to chew through about 400MB, so if you’re on a low-data plan, be aware of exactly how much data you’re consuming.”


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