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Pathankot Row: Bharat Mata Back-Stabbed by BJP, Says Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal, who opposed letting a Pakistan team of investigation to visit the sensitive Pathankot air base, said the country was betrayed by the government and the BJP as back-stabbing.

The team that was purportedly shown the Pakistani involement in the entire terrorist attack on the air base watched the airbase, made the assessment after scrutinizing every wall and corner of the airbase, took enough evidence back home and now said India herself plotted the Pathankot air base attack to defame Pakistan. The attack was “Stage managed” by India to malign Pakistan, said the team in its report, showcasing the Indian government’s poor diplomacy.

For the first time, BJP-led Indian government gave out Pakistan not one but two olive branches to smoothen the roughed up feathers. First, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi airdashed from Kabul to Karachi to land at the reception of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif “uninvited” and presumed that the world would pat him on the back.

When Pakistan’s ISI followed Modi up to Pathankot on the ground, little did the Prime Minister and his coterie of advisers realise that another Kargil is waiting in the wings. Bending like Beckham, the PM gave a red carpet welcome to the proposed Pakistani investigation team to visit, enter the air base and collect enough evidence to showcase their country men and rulers that the terrorists were indeed from Pakistan.

New to global diplomacy, especially to dealing Pakistan, BJP prime minsiters have always stumbled in their track to Pakistan. Previous BJP government’s PM Atal Behari Vajpayee wanted to reach out to Pakistan on road and amid much fanfare went by bus to be received by Nawa Sharif, who had sent General Pervez Musharraf in return to invade India at Kargil.

Arvind Kejriwal has been in the forefront from the beginning to oppose letting the Pakistan team to our sensitive Pathankot air base and now he proved unwittingly very much on the right course to understand Pakistan. He tweeted: “The country has been betrayed by the Prime Minister.”

Since the team consisted of an ISI agent as well, Kejriwal questioned the rationale to allow the Pakistan team to visit the attack for which ISI was blamed. Now the delegation members delivered what their masters wanted and not what PM Modi expected. And that is very much expected in bilateral diplomacy when two antagonistic nations try to mend ties overnight.

“On one hand, they say ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and on the other, they call ISI and back stab Bharat Mata,” said Kejriwal. With one stroke, Pakistan has made Modi and RSS-style of diplomacy questionable in the country. Perhaps RSS should clear the cloud on how it is not “back-stabbing” of the country.

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