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Osmania Doctors Undertake Rare Surgery with Fingers Crossed but Succeed

Osmania Hospital surgeons have achieved a sort of miracle saving a 24-year-old security guard Naga Raju who was suffering from a rare Budd-Ciari Syndrome (BCS) that blocks veins carrying blood from the liver. It occurs in one individual in about a million people.

It was a desperate and last-ditch effort by the doctors as the fact that he survived for 23 years itself was a miracle and no hospital was positive about any surgery to remove the blocks without danger to his life.

The doctors at government-run Osmania General Hospital have decided to go for a rare Auto-Transplantation of Liver, which was conducted only once in Canada so far. As parents of Naga Raju had kept their hopes on God and waited the anxious hours, the OGH doctors have undertaken the rare surgery, the Hobson’s Choice for them and the patient.

First the doctors removed the liver and preserved it for hours outside the body system. They removed his blocked and underdeveloped hepatic blood vessels and reconstructed them with artificial grafts. Once the veins are in place, they transplanted the liver back into his body. Left to God, the patient, doctors and parents waited for 15 days for the operation to be declared successful.

When Naga Raju made a perfect recovery in 15 days, it was time for the doctors and parents to rejoice. “We had lost all hope on my son. Even the doctors at Osmania Hospital told us that the surgery was new one and risky but there was no other choice,” the patient’s mother Alivellu told media.

Apart from the blocked blood vessels of the liver, the Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) or the large vein that carries blood from lower part of the body to the heart was blocked. It had created an emergency sort of situation that required immediate surgery to remove complete occlusion of hepatic veins that drain the liver, said the doctors.

“The youngster had to undergo liver transplantation and was in the waiting list. But it was taking time to get a donor liver and his condition was worsening by the day. Removing his liver, reconstructing the blood vessels was the last option,” says Head, Surgical Gastroenterology, Dr. Ch. Madhusudhan.

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