Notable Deaths in Telugu Film Industry in 2014: ANR Failed to Live as Promised

No one expected that Telugu veteran actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao, who called a press meet in Annapurna Studios to announce that he had cancer but promised to fight it out and live longer the way his mother did, quietly passed away in sleep on January 22, letting down the whole world of his decades-long admirers.


Akkineni Nageswara Rao (ANR)

Otherwise, the year 2014 opened with the sad suicide on January 5 by Uday Kiran, 33, whose films Chitram, Nuvvu Nenu, and Manasantha Nuvve left an unforgettable impact on Telugu film audience. Uday Kiran, who missed to become Chiranjeevi’s son-in-law found it soon that he missed everything in life.

Prior to ANR’s demise, his erstwhile heroine Anjali Devi, 86, too left the film industry in sorrow. Perhaps the famous veteran love pair in the early black and white films had decided to leave more or less the same time.

Next, the month of February saw the demise of Balu Mahendra, cinematographer of Shankarabharanam, Seethakoka Chiluka and Sadma fame.

But the sudden death of actress Telangana Shakunthala left the industry and her fans all over Telangana as well as Andhra Pradesh in a shock. She was a Marathi by birth but mastered Telugu and developed a niche for herself in films the way Brahmanandam is for indispensable comedy roles.

Another major loss of the year is that of Bapu, whose films, caricatures and writings have left a deep impact on every Telugu reader, viewer and he was accredited with bringing a movement in Telugu writing style and literature. He passed away on August 31.

The whole Telugu film industry was shocked to hear on October 31 that senior actor Srihari or the “Sher Khan” of “Magadheera” passed away in Mumbai where he was shooting for a film.

Here is the list of some notable Telugu film industry deaths in 2014:

Month Date Name Age Sex Profession Notable work
January 05 Uday Kiran 33 Male Actor Chitram, Nuvvu Nenu, Manasantha Nuvve, Kalusukovalani, Sreeram, Dil Kabaddi”
13 Anjali Devi 86 Female Actress Lava Kusa, Badi Panthulu, Suvarna Sundari
22 Akkineni Nageswara Rao 91 Male Actor Dharmapatni, Devadasu, Batasari, Prem Nagar, Sri Rama Rajyam, Sri Ramadasu,Manam
February 13 Balu Mahendra 74 Male Cinematographer, director Kokila , Sankarabharanam , Moondram Pirai , Sadma , Nireekshana , Veedu ,Seethakoka Chiluka
June 14 Telangana Shakuntala 63 Female Actress Nuvvu Nenu, Rajanna, Maa Bhoomi
23 I N Murthy 89 Male director, producer Seetharama Kalyanam, Irugu Porugu, Sabash Suri, Aada Janma, Suka Dukalu


BAPU 80 Male Writer, director Saakshi, Seeta Kalyanam, Mutyala Muggu, Bhakta Kannappa, Pelli Pustakam, Mr. Pellam, Sri Rama Rajyam
October 31 Srihari 50 Male Actor, Supporting Actor Magadheera, Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, Bhadrachalam

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