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Not JNU Alone, But Allopathic Doctors too Anti-Nationals: BJP Minister

Not merely JNU and its student leaders like Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid but all allopathic doctors in India who are prescribing non-ayurvedic medicines are ‘anti-nationals’, according to BJP’s AYUSH Minister Shripad Naik.

The remark bares it open the debate that anybody who is not following BJP diktats are anti-nationals, the long-standing demand from Kanhaiaya Kumar, when he said he need not take a certificate from BJP on his nationalist commitments to the country.

The AYUSH Minister who was in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, reporteedly said, "Some ayurveda practitioners have told me that doctors prescribing allopathy medicines often advise patients not to opt for ayurveda. Such doctors are anti-nationals."

In his eagerness to defend Ayurveda, age-old medicine in India, the minister wondered ho anybody could oppose ayurveda when "the world is showing interest in it". He vouched that the Kolhapur centre can take advantage of the vicinity, which is home to several plant species with medicinal properties in and around Vindhyas.

The ministry of AYUSH was created to focus and rejuvenate Ayurveda research but the minister has made the whole fraternity of doctors wonder what would fall upon them next since they are tagged "anti-nationals" openly by the minister himself.

The department of AYUSH not only focuses on Ayurveda education and research yoga and naturopathy, but also on Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy systems.

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  1. When will the Ministers be stopped from making meaningless comments connecting non-connectables. How do Ministers get such ideas. They are making the mockery of the word “national’ and “nationalist”. I hope the Minister will not follow his utterances for closure of all medical colleges teaching alopathic medicines. Quite exasperating! Who can a halt to these except the PM.

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