No Bahubali 3, Clarifies Director Rajamouli but Leaves Room for speculation

Amid reports and rumours of Bahubali 3 on the cards, Bahubali director S.S. Rajamouli has tweeted openly saying the second part “Bahubali, The Conclusion” will be the end of it and no more dragging is on the cards.

Following the immense success of “Bahubali, the Beginning”, the sequel which was originally planned went in for production as planned but the rumours failoed to die about another Bahubali 3.

This year’s magnum opus “Bahubali, the Beginning” ended partly leaving behind questions over why Kattappa killed Bahubali, despite his known loyalty to the King and the Kingdom. Another question was why Bahubali’s wife was put in jail and how Rajamatha tried to save the life of Bahubali’s son, risking her own life.

Though Rajamouli is serious about ending the sagqa with the sequel, some overhyped publications have put out rumours suggesting that there is another sequel Bahubali 3 is being planned. However, Rajamouli, known for his social-media interaction, was quick to tweet saying there is no such plan.


So, it is clear that there is no Bahubali 3 but the director was clever never to say no to the idea of some other form of continuation of the saga. He added, “No dragging but the world of Bahubali will continue in a way that’s Been never experienced before ever. Will reveal the details when appropriate.don’t believe the rumours. Only I know what’s going to come.”

So, there are two possibilities – one is concluding the Bahubali in the second part forever and wind up the brouhaha or to plan an entirely new series of Bahubali with new story or make it an animation film to continue for a longer time. While Rajamouli has already commenced the work on sets at Ramoji Film city with designer Sabu Cyril, Prabhas is reportedly slimming down from the extra kilos he had put on for the first film.

The first part TV screening is going on currently today as the rumours have been up that there is not merely second part but also another.


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