Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X: Makers Held ‘Ask Me Anything’ Session

Google has announced two nexus devices this year, Huawei Nexus 6P and LG Nexus 5X.

The team which built the devices held an ‘Ask Me Anything’ AMA session in Reddit discussing the new fingerprint security, the missing wireless charging and many more.

They also shared their feeling on how they felt about the numerous rumors and leaks.

They started with handsets names, the ‘X’ in Nexus5X represents the core of NeXus brand and the ‘P’ in Nexus 6p means Premium.

Stating the reason USB Type-C support, the Nexus team said they ditched Qi Wireless charging in the devices, which is more convenient due to being reversible. They also said that the phones are equipped with the fast charging technology.

Responding to question based on the security and encryption for fingerprints, the team said, “fingerprint features are securely encrypted on the device, and processed in the secure Trustzone protected area of memory.”

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