Nepal wakes up from quake, bans use of drones

After initial phase of recovery from a devastating earthquake that hit the Himalayan nation, Nepal has woken up to realize the dangers of spying by foreign nations and media and issued a ban on using drones, though it is too late.

Nepal has banned drones following the April 25 earthquake, fearing sensitive information might be leaked and pictures of its valuable heritage sites clicked illegally and made it obligatory t take permission before sending drones to take pictures.

After the April 25 quake, some foreign media and other aid agencies used drones to track the loss of devastation and broadcast the information. Many of themĀ used drones to take pictures and videos of valuable heritages of Nepal which could be misused later.

Those interested in research in Nepal and requiring assistance of drones would need to take prior permission from the Civil Aviation Authority but would not be given permission to fly these objects in prohibited areas, the authority said.

Flying drones without permission would attract penal action according to local civil aviation law, it added.

The Himalayan nation was jolted by a devastating earthquake measuring 7.9 on Richter Scale, which left over 7,500 killed and over a million displaced.(IANS)

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