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Nasal Insulin Spray Helps Delay Alzheimer’s Disease: Study

Researchers have found that the insulin nasal spray device is helpful to cater the energy needs of brain directly and help patients with Alzheimer’s.

When insulin levels go down, brain nervous system responds with symptoms of confusion, anxiety, visual difficulties, and heart palpitations, according to Mayo Clinic online information, which also states that irregularities in insulin levels could be one of the factors that leads to Alzheimer’s.

Researchers at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem have found that a nasal spray of insulin helps those with diabetes and also stops the Alzhemer’s disease affecting the patients with less insulin supply to their brain. The Alzheimer’s Association in the US reports that every 67 seconds, one new case of Alzheimer’s is being reported.

In their study, they have experimented the nasal spray on 60 adults who had been diagnosed with either mild cognitive impairment (MCI), or the early stage of Alzheimer’s.

Some were given 40 IU’s of the insulin determir, some 20 IU’s of insulin, and others were given a placebo. After 21 days, those who received the 40 IU’s of the insulin nasal spray had improvied ability to remember new information.

The onset of the Alzheimer’s disease was a result of certain parts of the brain not utilizing sugar properly and here the insulin spray helps, as it is administered directly to the brain, say researchers from the Rush University Medical Center.

Although the study was small, it also revealed some news concerning those who had a specific gene that makes some people more prone to get Alzheimer’s, the APOE-e4 gene.

Those who had taken the larger dose of the nasal spray, and who had the gene, the research revealed that they had higher memory retention than those who received the lower dose or the placebo.

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