Modi Congratulates DRDO Team over Agni-V 5000-km Range Missile Testfire

India’s DRDO said the nuclear capable Agni-V missile that can reach a target of over 5,000-km was successfully tested on Saturday, making another move towards flexible launch of nuclear-capable missiles from anywhere in the country. PM Narendra Modi immediately congratulated the team.

The Agni-V missile is a long-range range missile measuring 17 metres long and 2 metres wide with a weight of 50 tonnes and the newly acquired capability to launch it from a mobile canister helps armed forces to move the weapon with more flexibility, said officials. It has a speed of 25 mach.

File Photo of Agni VI missile. Agni V missile was launched on Saturday. (PIB)

File Photo of Agni VI missile. Agni V missile was launched on Saturday. (PIB)

The N-capable missile was fired from a mobile vehicle at the Inner Wheeler Island, in the district of Bhadrak, about 200 km from Bhubaneswar. “It is a canisterised version of the longest range missile. It was tested for the first time from a canister. The test was successful,” said test range director M.V.K.V. Prasad.

This is the first launch of the missile from a canister and third test of the missile from a mobile vehicle and provides operational flexibility to the armed forces to pick and choose from where to launch the missiles. The missile can be transported by road and rail now, said officials.

Congratulating scientists, Prime Minister Narendra Modi¬†said,¬†“Successful test-firing of Agni-V from a canister makes the missile a prized asset for our forces. I salute our scientists for their efforts.”

The missile has the ability to hit targets deep inside China, if required.(IANS)

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