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Megan Young, Miss World 2013

Miss World 2013 Last Interview: What Megan Accomplished?

Miss World 2013 Megan Young, throughout the course of a year, has travelled to over 15 countries worldwide promoting Beauty with a Purpose. The humble and talented Filipina beauty has proven to the world why she rightfully deserved the Miss World crown last year.

This Miss World Organization reporter tried to catch up with Megan to find out her thoughts and anticipations before relinquishing her title this Sunday. While her awe-inspiring reign may be officially coming to a close, Megan’s legacy will no doubt live on within the hearts of all whom she touched and inspired in her year as Miss World.

Megan, you have been an amazing Miss World and a true representative of Beauty with a Purpose, what has been the highlight of your year as Miss World?

The highlights of my year as Miss World can be narrowed down to two things. From a Beauty with a Purpose perspective, it would have to be helping out with the Typhoon relief in the Philippines. I was able to help out my countrymen in ways I never thought possible, because of my Miss World title.

Megan taking part in Britain’s The Sun Typhoon appeal

I could connect to so many people and inspire and encourage help on such a wide scale and that was a true highlight of my year. On the lighter side, being invited to host the Miss World pageant this year in London is also one of the year’s biggest highlights. Hosting is such a passion of mine and for Mrs. Morley to have so much faith and trust in me and my abilities to host the pageant is an overwhelming feeling. I am so incredibly touched and humbled.

Megan relieving victims of Typhoon Haiyan

Did your year as Miss World live up to your expectations?

I was really afraid at first. As soon as I was crowned, I thought that I was not going to be able to see my family, as the job of a Miss World is non-stop humanitarian work, and that was something that I didn’t know how to come to terms with. But in between travelling around the world and seeing new things, Mrs. Morley allowed me to return home and that was really helpful as it kept me levelheaded and sane throughout my year!

Megan Visits New York, October 2013

The Philippines and the Filipino people are some of the greatest and most passionate fans of beauty pageants. What was the reaction from your country when you were crowned as their first ever Miss World?

The reaction from my country and the support I received was completely out of this world and beyond my wildest imaginations. My friends videotaped their reactions to my crowning and all tuned in to watch the finals. I am so proud that because of my crowning I was able to bring attention to the Philippines and I am so honored that I am able to have inspired my countrymen to achieve their dreams.

Miss World receiving her “People of the Year Award’, In Manila, January 2014

As you are an official co-host of Miss World this year, can you give us some clues or hints of what we can expect from this year’s show?

Oh, good question! Well last year, the show was more traditional as it was held in Indonesia and it had to adhere to the local culture. This year, we are in London and the show is modern, it’s fun, and totally fresh. There are new things brought to the table- unexpected performances, new dance routines- but I think they all match this year’s theme. We are in London, the home of Miss World, and it is all about innovation!

Are you nervous at all about hosting?

Well, it is not my first time hosting but I remember that prior to being given this opportunity, I wanted to host something like Miss Philippines or a local show, but hosting Miss World, which is watched by billions of people worldwide, is something that I never expected and totally blows my mind away when I think about it. I am the first reigning titleholder to be hosting the show so whenever history is being made there certainly is pressure!

What do you think will be the hardest thing to say goodbye to as your reign comes to an end?

I think the hardest thing to say goodbye to will have to be the fame I have now as Miss World. Going to events around the world and being recognized as Miss World- there is something very sentimental about it, and I am certainly going to miss that.

Megan @ the 116th Annual Philippine Independence Day Celebration

What is one trait you would like the next Miss World to possess?

I hope that the next Miss World, whoever she is, is genuine. It is a competition but her authenticity is what will win the judges over and carry her throughout her reign. The work that a Miss World does is not just about the beauty and the glamour but a lot of it is really behind the scenes and about getting your feet dirty without your heels and without the make up.

Do you have a message to the new young lady who will be crowned Miss World this Sunday?

My advice is to be patient. In this job, patience is a virtue. Also, it is important to always be understanding and nice to everyone you meet. Kindness and compassion will take you a long way.

Cosmopolitan Cover - November 2013

Megan on the front cover of Cosmopolitan

What is next for Megan Young?

Hosting and acting are passions of mine and I hope to continue these careers in the Philippines. We are still crossing our fingers on a lot of things but I will never stop working to achieve my dreams.

And in 5 years, where do you see yourself?

Hopefully in 5 years I will be doing something big internationally. But who knows, you can never predict the future, but I would love to win an acting award. You have to dream big and have that goal so you can work hard for it!

Megan was inducted into the Philippines Walk of Fame late last year

Do you have anything to say to all the people out there who support and follow the Miss World competition?

I would like to say to all those people who follow the event and the winners’ reigns, that even though Miss World is always innovating every year, the essence of a Miss World never changes. She is always willing to help and make change wherever she can in the world. I would like to thank each fan and supporter personally for being a part of my journey.

Megan & Julia, with Dr Ben Fredricks in Haiti, March 2014

And lastly, is there anything you would like to say to Mrs. Julia Morley?

To Mrs. Morley, I would like to say thank you for being a mother to me. This experience has changed my life and I will always be here for you and for the Miss World organization. Thank you for always caring for me and thank you for being a true friend.

(Source: www.missworld.com)

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