Micromax’s 10000 Yureka Phones Sold in 3 Seconds flash Sale

Micromax has sold its 10,000 Yureka phones in 3 seconds, repeating the flash sale phenomenon of Xiaomi today.

The sale had already registered about 3 lakh enthusiasts and it remains to be seen whether it would replicate the seconds of sale or flash sale unleashed in India by Xiaomi’s Mi3 and Redmi 1s phones last year.

The new smartphone under a new brand called YU, has unique CyanogenMod, which has been available only on Yu brand phones of Micromax in an exclusive contract with the makers and pushing the rival OnePlus One to bay with no updates.

The CyanogenMod operating system is an open source firmware that is built on top of the Android platform. It uses the Vanilla Android OS and introduces features and functions that are not available on the official platform.

“A replacement for the Android operating system, the CyanogenMod OS is capable of boosting the performance of your device and helps you get rid of those annoying spyware, adware and more,” says the company on its website.

In addition to using the CyanogenMod OS 11, a customised version of the Android KitKat 4.4.2 OS, the Yureka mobile phone makes the most of the octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor based on the 64-bit architecture.

This chipset ticks at 1.5GHz and brings an equally advanced graphics processor, Adreno 405, for an unparalleled visual experience. It sports a 2GB RAM to enable smooth navigation between applications and its MSM8939 LTE chipset makes the Yu Yureka phone compatible with 4G LTE networks in India.

Style and Elegance Personified

An extremely stylish gadget, the Yureka Cyanogen mobile phone will mesmerise you with its elegance. The device has a back panel with moonstone finish a sleek texture that perfectly complements the 5.5-inch HD display reinforced with a coating of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Termed as the ‘Zeus of phones,’ the Yureka is being pushed by Micromax as “an ideal choice for people who wish to own a smartphone that strikes the perfect balance between looks and performance.”

Here are some features/specs of Yureka Phones:

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