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Lewis Hamilton reverts back with Canadian Grand Prix win

Making up for his disappointment at the Monaco Grand Prix, Brit Lewis Hamilton who plays for Mercedes AMG cruised to victory at Canadian Grand Prix.

The reigning world champion made a fascinating start right from the beginning of the race. Nico Rosberg, his teammate in Mercedes provided him a tough competition, shadowing him closely throughout the 70-lap race. However, Hamilton was quick and smart to keep the race in his hands.

The win which is four in a row in seven races has given him a 17 points lead over Rosberg in the driver’s championship.

According to a report by Sky Sports, Hamilton and Rosberg were instructed by their team, Mercedes to manage their WO6s while they pitied on laps 29 and 30, respectively. This caused the time gap between them to increase from one to two seconds with Hamilton leading.

In the same report, it is said that Hamilton was told to “lift and coast” to save fuel in his car. “I think there were two different approaches: they suggested that I pushed, got the gap and later on did my fuel saving,” he added.

The Brit finished the race being 2.2 seconds ahead of his German teammate.

In the same Sky Sports report, Hamilton said: “I did enough and that’s when Nico got close. But I was able to fuel save while keeping out of DRS and after that I was able to eke out what I needed.”

Sunday’s win helped Hamilton break former Brit racer, Nigel Mansell’s record of leading most laps. He set a new British record with 2,143 laps led, breaking Mansell’s record of 2,089.

The occasion saw the 1992 World Champion, tweet his congratulations to Hamilton and Mercedes.


Hamilton termed winning the Formula One world champion to be the “greatest day” of his life during the podium interview at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last year. With the win in season opening, Australian Grand Prix, and another in Canada, the 30 year old Brit certainly looks to dominate the rest of the season as well.

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