Union Minister for Finance, Corporate Affairs, and Information and Broadcasting Arun Jaitley, BJP chief Amit Shah, social activist Kiran Bedi and Delhi in-charge of the party Prabhat Jha during a programme organised to welcome Bedi in BJP on Jan 15, 2015. (IANS)

Kiran-Modi Alliance: Real Politics Dominates BJP Agenda

The former key figure in the Anna-Hazare group, Kiran Bedi, who joined BJP appears to be a typical politician with her statement, “New, decisive leadership wiped out my aversion to politics.”

Bedi, once who said, “One day NaMo will need to respond with clarity about riots massacre. Despite Courts clearing him so far,” has changed her statement on Sunday, saying, BJP has the ‘world’s most beautiful face.’

Her high profile entry to the major party and politics ahead of Delhi assembly has paved the way for controversies with regard to her old tweets, when she was working for Anna-Hazare led anti-corruption movement.


Being considered as an “opportunist” by many due to the change in her stands, Bedi responded to NDTV, “We go by the information the media feeds us. I went by what you people told us. Even now, the media is projecting the good work he’s doing. Both the times, I went by the information fed by the media. My views have evolved.”

However, the decision of Bedi to join BJP without consulting Anna Hazare has reportedly hurt him, who refused to pick any calls from Bedi since she joined the party.

According to reports, he said, “I got to now about it through the media. It doesn’t affect me. When I started my work nobody was with me. Today I am alone again and I will continue to do what I can.”

While Bedi seems to be confident with her decision of joining Prime Minister Narendra Modi, now all the eyes are likely to focus on whether Bedi and Modi will go hand in hand in politics with their dreams.

Amid, in regard to all the twitter wars, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister gave an advice with sarcasm, to all famous personalities who want to be politicians. He tweeted, “Note to famous people joining politics – before joining check your Twitter/FB archive & delete all posts critical of party you are joining.”

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