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Priyanka Gandhi during a campaign. (IANS)

Karnataka Assembly Turns into Platform to Surf Photos, Play Candy Crush

After three BJP Ministers got fired for getting indulged in inappropriate behaviour during the assembly session in February 2012, here comes another case of two MLAs again from BJP, who were caught on camera for surfing photos and playing candy crush during a serious debate in Karnataka Assembly, on Wednesday.

If the ministers, Lakshman S Savadi, CC Patil and J Krishna Palemar, were caught for watching porn on their cell phones in the state assembly in 2012, the BJP MLA Prabhu Chavan and another party MLA UB Banakar got into trouble after a footage of their “inappropriate behaviour” was aired on TV channels.

While Chavan was watching a photograph of Congress leader Priyanaka Gandhi by zooming in, Banakar was playing candy crush on phone. The footage covers the clip where Chavan shows it to another MLA, who was sitting next to him. Both the MLAs were indulged in these activities while a serious debate was going on over sugarcane pricing in the assembly.

It may be recalled that the probe panel which investigated the 2012 porn scandal had recommended a ban on high-tech mobile phones and since then, “phones were not allowed to use during the assembly session.”

However, being stirred up in the controversy, Chavan apologised and said that he was trying to read the caption below the picture. While the act triggered widespread criticism, he said, “There was a slogan below the photo of Priyanka Gandhi, I was watching it. By mistake I took the mobile phone inside. I agree it is my mistake, but I have seen nothing with bad intention. I was checking photos of national leaders. I checked Narendra Modi’s photo. I also checked my son’s photos.”

The incident of the ex-ministers of porn scandal was captured by the camera crew of a private TV channel that was covering the proceedings in the Assembly. Also, all the accused had reportedly stated that they were innocent and were watching news report on an incident of rape.


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