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JNU Row: Kanhaiya Kumar Should Refuse Bail Now (Opinion)

Following the Supreme Court’s refusal to take up the case of bail for JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar, his lawyer Soli Sorabjee should think of not seeking bail any more as his life’s safety would be far better inside the Tihar than outside.

The incident at Patiala Courts has shown that despite heavy police cordon and security arrangements directed by the apex court, lawyers were able to manhandle him and jostle him and one went to the extent of sitting next to him in the court belittling the police cordon.

Now that he is in Tihar jail, Kanhaiya Kumar should follow the example of Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal was sued by BJP chief Gadkari and sent to jail by a Delhi court as he refused to apply for bail. In fact, this single Gandhian approach has won Kejriwal accolades from all Delhi people that he won hands down leaving just one seat for BJP in the 60-member Delhi assembly.

Since BJP could not win Delhi elections, it was an open battle for it in Delhi ever since. Even if he is granted bail, Kanhaiya Kumar has become a legendary and he need not return to JNU where the administration cannot ensure his safety without the police presence. And hapless JNU students cannot meet him and be pals like before as the gun men around him would be more embarrassing for them too.

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