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Harley Davidson Street 750 (Facebook)

Harley Davidson For Police: People Question ‘Make in India’ Drive, Use of ‘Made in India’ Products

Gujarat Police is now proud of being the first Indian state police to receive the Harley Davidson motorbikes to patrol across the state, leaving the spectators envious. But, the people across the country seem to be unhappy with the same and have raised their voice over PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ programme.

The model Harley Davidson Street 750, which costs about Rs 4.1 lakh, is the cheapest model offered in India by the American bike makers. Though the bike is used in police departments all over the world, India is the latest to add its name in the list.

Meanwhile, the number of bikes purchased is unknown but it is made clear that Gujarat police is the first to receive bikes and it will be spread to other state police personnel.

However, with the arrival of American bikes to the country, some have raised the question of Modi’s Make in India project.

With an aim to give the Indian economy global recognition, Modi has launched Make in India initiative months ago. He has also urged people to give preference to domestically manufactured products aiming at boosting the production two days ago.

One of the facebook posts received the comment as
“Purchase only made-in-India gadgets, PMO tells ministries..” from Sajith Kassim I. Another comment by Sumesh Joshua Mathai was, “SOMEBODY” said “Purchase only made-in-India gadgets”

While some criticized the plan with Make in India project, others opined that it as a waste of money. Some of the comments are,

KK says: “Tax payers money wasted on hopeless…”

Rahul says: “Wow… Harley for police… Government gone mad i must say…”

VJ says: “Then we complain police comes when everything finished…”

Kochumvk says: “Will not be any different with these Harleys! There are cheaper, much faster bikes.”

Meanwhile, there are also people who support the decision of the government, who are of the opinion that enhanced facilities may help police in their duty.

According to reports, the motorbikes will be employed in VIP convoys during the Vibrant Gujarat Summit-2015, which will be held at Gandhinagar in January, 2015.  After the summit, these are likely to be sent to different police departments of the states.

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