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FIR Filed on Rajinikanth’s wife by Ad Bureau Alleging Fake Documents

kochadiayyanLatha Rajinikanth, wife of superstar Rajinikant, has been accused of submitting fake documents and that an FIR has been registered against her in Bengaluru.

Police said Latha has been accused of producing fake documents in a court in Bengaluru to get a gag order issued on the media. Complainant Abhir Chand Nahar, managing director of Ad Bureau Advertising Pvt Ltd, has accused Latha of forging a fake letterhead under the Publishers and Broadcast Welfare Association of India to acquire the gag order against 76 publications that had put out news about the financial dispute she had with Ad Bureau in December 2014.

Allegedly, Latha also sold the Tamil Nadu rights without informing the Ad Bureau for the movie ‘Kochadiyaan’, in which Rajinikanth was the main character. It has also been stated by the complainant that the Ad Bureau invested a total of 14.9 crore for completion and release of the movie under the circumstances, when Latha stood as a guarantor but once the movie was released, the Ad Bureau alleged it was only paid 8.7 crore.

This matter has been referred to jurisdictional police station in Ulsoor , where a case has been registered. The Economic Times quoted Police Commissioner M.N.Reddi saying, “We will investigate it under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including Section 420.”

A dispute arose between both these parties and this particular matter was being covered in various news channels and media and papers in Chennai. “At that point in time, (Latha) Rajinikanth appeared before a court through a lawyer and requested an injunction order to restrain these media groups from airing these news. And she secured an injunction order,” said Reddi about the original controversy.

Shyamsundar, a lawyer representing Latha, said that the Ad Bureau is trying to use the vulnerabilities of his client’s celebrity status. However, he’s also dismissed the charge and warned of legal action against the party that had filed the complaint.

He told ET, “Having failed in all their ill-minded efforts, they have gone to the magistrate’s court and have filed private complaint under Section 200 of the Criminal Procedure Code.”

“Generally the protocol is that whenever a private complaint is filed, the magistrate would refer it for an investigation. It is at that stage, and it is totally a false complaint and there is absolutely no fabrication of documents…nothing has been complained… It is a sheer case of blackmailing and we are going to take very very serious legal action,” he added.

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