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Obama look-alike Rey Ramsey speaking at AB Enclave 2015 in Bangalore on Saturday.

Exclusive: What is a look-alike of Obama doing in Bangalore?

With Obama visiting India topping the news chart of the week, if one happened to enter the American Bazaar Conclave 2015 annual conference in Hotel Vivanta by Taj on M.G. Road in Bangalore on Saturday morning, he or she would be struck to find a look-alike Obama delivering the key-note address.

reyThe speaker, Rey Ramsey, Managing Partner of government-funded IECP Ventures, recalled his garage-based start up more than a decade ago to his current stature of providing seed funding to new ‘wantrapreurs’ or want to be entrepreneurs.

In his highly motivating speech resonating that of Obama and echoing similar confidence, Ramsey advised the start ups not to loose heart but follow a smart strategy of “people-product-market” driven approach to succeed.

Revealing how he received initial funding in small amounts from people around, the Washington DC-based venture capitalist said the city governor was forthcoming in funding IECP Ventures that is providing seed money to start ups. Currently, nine ventures in all have been given seed money and a new Electronic Bike venture is an interesting project in the pipeline, he revealed.

Ramsey has also vouched for ad-based free Internet and said he opposed government taxation on any free service model in IT sector.

Otherwise, Ramsey will not be meeting Obama but is on his way back on Sunday, informed the organizers.

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