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All India Democratic Women Association (AIDWA) activists led by (CPI-M) leader Brinda Karat demonstrate against Uber taxi rape case in New Delhi. (IANS)

Delhi Uber Taxi Case: 10 Tips for Women

By Merry Sam

A day after the arrest of Shiv Kumar Yadav, the accused Uber cab driver of Delhi cab rape, many taxi services including Ola cabs and Taxipixis are banned in the city, on Tuesday. Ola cabs, Taxipixis and Taxi for Sure in Delhi have also been banned as they are not recognised by the Delhi Transport Department.

While the ban is a knee-jerk reaction, the issue seeks a larger depth for a wholistic solution. If a woman gets raped at night, it is always considered a problem of the woman traveling alone at night, irrespective of the urgency or emergency.

Women in the present era know how unsafe their lives are. There have been rising cases of rapes, molestations, sexual assaults and more on daily basis. While post-incident solutions are freely available, it is better to make sure that you are safe wherever you are. While using taxis or autos in cities, it is better for women to be alert till they reach the destination.

Here are some tips:

• Always remember to note the taxi number or click a photo silently and share it with friends or relatives immediately.

• Pretend as if you are talking to someone on phone during your journey, sharing the details of the taxi and driver too.

• Always keep the Google map on, so that you know whether the driver is taking you in the right route or not.

• Keep talking on the phone if you want to boost your confidence until you reach the destination but keep an eye on the driver also.

• At the same never indulge in chats or books as you will never know where the driver is heading to.

• Always try to sit right behind the driver rather than sitting diagonal to him.

• Don’t ever let an unknown person travel with you and keep the distance.

• Don’t get into an ordered cab until you make sure that it is yours.

• Make sure the cab is licensed as well as the driver has an ID badge displayed on the back of the seat.

• Keep your phone handy and be aware of the help-line numbers to call when you feel you are in trouble. In case helpline numbers do not work, alert your friends.







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