BJP leader Kiran Bedi with party leader Vijay Goel, Union Minister for Science & Technology and Earth Sciences Dr. Harsh Vardhan and others proceeds to file her nomination papers for upcoming Delhi assembly polls at Krishna Nagar, Delhi on Jan 21, 2015. (IANS)

Delhi Elections: ‘Why Kiran ji running away from debate?’ Asks Kejriwal

Aam Aadmi Party Leader Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday asked BJP CM candidate Kiran Bedi why she is avoiding his invitation for a debate and running away.

On his micro blogging site, Kejriwal tweeted, “Why kiran ji running away from debate? She is busy but surely she can take out 2 hrs from busy schedule. Ppl want 2 know her stand on issues.”

In regard to AAP Chief Kejriwal’s invitation, Bedi has said that she accepts his challenge. Adding, she has said, “Debating with him (Kejriwal) is just a tamasha and I don’t believe in it.”

Commenting that AAP is into drama rather than focusing on work, she said, “I will do it in the Assembly and before that I am focusing on delivery rather than on debates because that’s what he’s been doing. He’s only been debating. What I am doing is delivery of goals, services, programmes.”

Answering to this, Kejriwal tweeted, “Kiran ji saying she wud debate after elections in Assembly. She refuses to debate before elections saying she believes in delivery.” He added, “Does it mean delivery before elections, debate after elections? We want debate before and delivery later.”

Joining BJP days before Delhi election campaigns, Kejriwal has said that BJP needed a scapegoat to use in election and Bedi has become a scapegoat. He has also said that Bedi is trapped and now she will be blamed once she loses the poll.

Meanwhile, according to reports, one of the senior leaders of AAP, Shanthi Bhushan, said, “It’s a masterstroke by BJP to pitch her as a candidate because she has been a crusader against corruption just as Arvind.”

Expressing his happiness over Bedi’s entry to politics, he said, “She has excellent credentials. She was a police officer with the highest integrity, an IIT scholar from Delhi and she also won the Magsaysay award. She is in no way inferior to Arvind Kejriwal.”

Being so confident on Bedi, Bhushan said that if she becomes the chief minister, “she will provide a very honest government to Delhi.”

He has also mentioned that “Anna should be very happy that one of his disciples is going to be the CM of Delhi,” either Kejriwal or Bedi. Both were supporters of Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement earlier.

He has mentioned that through Bedi and Kejriwal, it is clear that Anna movement has had a great effect on Indian politics .

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