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    FIR registered by police after about 8 years against (1) ICICI BANK for fraudulently dealing through criminal conspiracy with fake, forged documents in a loan related insurance matter to cheat, deprive and violate RBI guidelines in collusion with its group company (2) ICICI PRU LIFE INSURANCE with full knowledge that the covenanted insurance can’t be insured by this company where it falls under the general insurance domain and serviced by its other group cum joint venture company ICICI Lombard general insurance company and (3) their common DSA Auto vikas Sales.

    This ICICI PRU LIFE Insurance company not only violated IRDA guidelines but also industry practice by mocking a proposal for over FIVE MONTHS before cancelling the proposal even when it had no business to entertain a proposal for insurance that it can’t cover. Also, this company is concealing, misrepresenting vital documents and even says that the consumer court order is false, in a belligerent manner to scuttle police investigation and judicial process.

    This happens ONLY IN INDIA!!!

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