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Class 12 Marks Not Be Counted for JEE 2016 Onwards, Recommends Panel

After four years of experiment, the JEE for IITs and other national institutes is taking a U-turn recommending scrapping of the Class 12 results for counting 40% of the entrance exam to the country’s highest valued engineering colleges.

Starting from 2016, the panel constituted to review admission process of IITs/NITs/IIITs/GFTIs said scrapping the 40% weightage given to Board results for preparing JEE Main Merit List, may come into existence once accepted by the Union ministry.

it means the JEE Main Scores will be the sole deciding factor for admissions to National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIITs) and Government Funded Technical Institutions (GFTIs) from 2016 onwards.

“We would be recommending scrapping of weightages given to board marks,” said IIT Bombay director Devang Khakhar, who is also a member of the panel, in an interview to the TOI.

Currently, the JEE Main Merit List is prepared on the basis of JEE Main score (60% weightage) and 12th class score (40% weightage) for admission to NITs, IIITs, GFTIs and many private engineering colleges as well.

One reason for the deja vu in JEE policy was the inordinate delay in 2015 admission process due to different boards’ timing to give out the results. This led to delay of Counselling for IITs as IIT counselling process for NITs, IIITs and GFTIs under Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA).


  1. Yes this is the best move because student can focus on advance level rather than board

  2. Acc to it’s fab anyone can’t judge a scientist by his poor marks

  3. it is good decision becoz the children are studying on board level they are not studying higher level what science student really refer

  4. Alok Kumar Meher

    It will burn the career of students of 2 years hard work.please don’t do this.40% weightage to jee main is crucial thing to admission into Nit or iit.so please dont omit this.

  5. very poor decision by various hrd persons because cbse board marks are also important,if it is not so than score 97% in cbse then you learn how difficult task it is

  6. If board marks are not taken into account the coaching industry will flourish. School curriculum will not hold any value ad will lead to same as earlier where coaching institutes had a say in everything. Moreover decision to omit consideration 12 th marks for admission to NIt and Jee Ranks at this stage that is Nov will be gross injustice to students who have put almost two yrs of school curriculum. If at all it is agreed to implement new model it should be from March 2017 onward only. Dont ruin the career of students who have finished one year nine months of curriculum in existing scheme by implementing from March 2016.

  7. Board percentage weightage if it is really scrapped, its an extremely good move. there is tremendous ranking difference because of boards. many meritorious students have lost seats in NITs and IIITs because of boards weightage.

  8. Please vote for change and share it!

  9. It is an excellent decision. Hope union minister will accept this decision

  10. I hope that taking up of the IPE weightage may mislead the student about the exams without knowing about the basics and ultimately the students will beat around bush for the problem solvation and i recommend to take back this decision of taking up IPE weightage for the sake of the student’s welfare Thank you………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Datrak rushalika

    Plz decide fast release the result so that students can get clarity to prepare.

  12. This is the best decision .thanks

  13. Rohit Srivastava

    Sir, please decrease the board percentages in jee advanced also

  14. Hope union minstry will accept thus descn.

  15. It is an Excellent decision, actual merit will come from this system only.

  16. Thank devang sir.scrapping of 40%weightage is necessary for meritorios student.Former hrd minister kapil sibbal had done worse situation for meritorious student.

  17. Finally, the best decision have come. Thanks to the panel members for uprooting the worst system ever. Now deserving candidates can get into good colleges instead of cbse crammers.
    Hope this decision will be applicable for JEE main-2016 also, else many deserving students will suffer this year too.

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