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Chromebox: Google Forays Into Office Desktop PCs Priced Rs.90000 Now

chromeboxIn addition to its budget laptop Chromebook released with a price tag of Rs.12999, Google ventured into the office PC segement introducing a new desktop personal computer called Chromebox for business meetings at Rs 90,000 in India.

The Chromebox runs Google’s Chrome OS operating system and is merely the desktop variant of the laptop Chromebook, which was released last week with slashed prices at Rs.12,999 meant for the education sector.

“The Chromebook was launched in India a year ago. Now we are launching three new Chromebooks,” Smita Hashim, global product manager, Chrome OS, said. The Chromebooks work in an environment where connectivity can be spotty, and many people’s first experiences with technology are through a phone rather than a laptop, she said.

Some of the features Google is highlighting in Chromebox include:

Meetings with anyone: It supports up to 15 persons in a room or in the office. You have to invite colleagues, customers or partners to join your meeting and all they need is the meeting link which you will be sending.

Easy to deploy: You can easily deploy in minutes and manage devices from the web-based Chrome management.

Works with other VC systems: Chromebox integrates with Blue Jeans, Intercall, UberConference and Vidyo to work with existing phone and video conferencing systems.

Meeting with colleagues on laptops, tablets, or smartphones, integrating Google Apps is possible and it automatically creates and join meetings directly from Google Calendar.

Instant sharing: Share your screen or presentation without clunky cords. Just type g.co/present into your browser.

However, the price is very high and defending it Google quotes Matt Thorne, Head of IT, Pinterest who defended the product’s pricing at Rs.90,000 in India.”The price was right, which is important for a young company. While legacy video conferencing systems can cost millions, we’ve spent a small fraction of that with Chromeboxes. Setting up our 60 devices was easy and people can use them without constant IT hand-holding.”

He also said his employees have found ways to use Chromebox for interviewing job candidates with Hangouts and conducting new-hire orientations via video calls. “It’s an easier way for everyone – even remote employees or those in another building – to get the training they need,” he added.

SPECS /Features:

Chromebox for meetings

Up to 15-person rooms
$999 including the first year’s $250 management and support fee.


All video and audio streams in Hangouts are encrypted. Users can join securely even if they’re off-site.

Chrome Device

Chromebox for meetings is built on a Chromebox, which means it’s fast, secure and easy to manage.

Management and support is covered by a $250 per device annual fee.

Microphone / Speaker

Wideband frequency response

Built-in DSP for speed clarity

Omni-directional microphone with noise filter

Mute, end call and volume buttons

Remote Control

Full QWERTY keypad on rear

RF based (no line of sight necessary)

Nano-sized USB adapter



4th generation Intel Core i7 Processor

HDMI and DisplayPort++

4x USB 3.0

Ethernet and built-in dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n

HD camera

Full HD 1080p (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels)

Automatically switches resolutions based on available bandwidth

Autofocus lens

Automatic low-light correction.

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