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CES 2016: Sling TV Unveils New User Interface

Sling TV unveiled its second-generation user interface (UI) at CES 2016. The new design will create a more personalized experience, as well as improve content discovery across the Sling TV platform. The new UI will be optimized for each Sling TV-supported device and will start rolling out to devices in a phased-approach, starting in the first quarter of 2016.

“TV is about being entertained, and for the first time, the new Sling TV experience will be able to tailor programming suggestions to your interests,” said Roger Lynch, CEO of Sling TV. “The new interface will leverage real-time data to help users navigate the content depth that we’ve brought to Sling TV. This is the beginning of a reimagined experience, one more personalized and relevant to each viewer.”

In future launch phases, the UI will become contextually aware of viewing preference, location, device, time of day, popularity and more. For example, the new interface will be able to recognize that a customer prefers watching news content in the morning or kid shows on the tablet and modify what is shown in the UI based on those behaviors.

Customers will find the newest features introduced as part of the next-generation UI in one of the below navigation screens, referred to as “views.”

MY TV: Customers will be able to find all of their favorite content in the MY TV view, including their most viewed channels and shows. This is also where customers will be able to resume watching content that they previously started but were not able to finish. In future releases, recommended content based on customer preference, as well as “hot” content based on viewing behavior across the service and social trends, will also be found in this view.

ON NOW: This view will be automatically curated based on what is currently on TV and will be organized by content categories. In upcoming releases, the service will learn customer behaviors and the associated content ribbons will automatically reorder themselves to align with those behaviors.

In this view, customers will also have the option to see what else is currently on in Sling TV’s “Extras,” even if they do not subscribe to them. Purchase or subscription options are presented with recommended content.

SPORTS: The past year has proven that Sling TV customers love sports. With the new UI, sports fans can easily watch their favorite team, sport, conference and more. This view shows live and upcoming sports events and can be manually filtered based on the viewer’s preference.
TV SHOWS: TV lovers will be able to find all of the currently available episodes of their favorite shows in a singular view. The new category filters include featured content, trending shows and even full collections.
MOVIES: Similar to the TV SHOWS view, the MOVIES view puts all movies into one place including live, linear and on-demand content. Free movies and movies for rent will be clearly identified in this view.
For a more detailed list of features that will roll out to devices over time, visit this blog or watch this demo video. The Sling TV experience will continue to evolve as new features are added, more channels are launched and new products are introduced.

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