CES 2015 Show Hints at Samsung Clinching on to more TVs This Year

Despite reaching the No.2 position in global smartphones segment, South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is not relenting from its erstwhile field of providing home theatres and modern TVs, more so because the tech giant is facing profit erosion for the second consecutive year.

The smartphone market proved too competitive that Chinese maker Xiaomi, with its 1.8% margin is giving a nightmare to any
traditional maker of phones in the world. Within 4 years after its emergence, it was able to capture the world’s third largest position upstaging Huawei and its next target is Samsung.

Quick realization has led Samsung focus on its traditional area of high-tech TV sets with the so-called quantum dot technology that was experiment by Sony two years ago but was dismissed as ecologically unfriendly device. But Samsung is coming with the same technology providing an eco-friendly SUHD TV.

This year estimates by analysts show a pickup in the TV business, with researcher DisplaySearch forecasting shipments of UHD sets to more than double, to grow at 7.2 percent in the LCD Tv segment.

Samsung’s launch of SUHD at the CES 2015 today at Las vegas, Nevada underscores the fact that TV sets using quantum dots and high dynamic range technology, bringing in more upgrades to colourful visuals with superior picture quality over regular LCD sets at lower cost, may make the trick to lead the market again.

Though UHD technology is in its infancy, Samsung is roping in partnership with Sony’s Playstation Now, Hollywood studios and other content distributors.

Though the TV segment cannot wholly replace the decline in its smartphone market, samsung is turning aggressive in its
approach to retain hold over its traditional field while exploring new models in the handset segments.

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