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Cement That Lights up in Nights to Revolutionize Future Roads

Finally a solution to vexing darkness on Indian roads is in the sight with the solar road that emits light for 100 years developed by José Carlos Rubio from Michoacan’s University of San Nicolas Hidalgo (UMSNH). It needs no batteries nor lighting.

Rubio revealed that he had overcome the major hurdle in cement that is the opaque material resisting light to pass through its interior. He worked on it for 9 years before hitting upon a translucent gel that absorbs solar energy and lights up when it is dark.

Rubio’s discovery will help even plaster to glow up in the dark. However, the major impediment to Rubio’s discovery is that the cement or road emits a green or blue color, necessitating adjustments to light light intensity. The light produced by the cement is not dependent on direct sunlight because it can also "recharge" even during gloomy days, said Rubio.

The material can emit light for 12 hours continuously and it is environment-friendly as it uses materials from dust, sand or clay. "Due to this patent, others have surfaced worldwide. In the UK, we received recognition from the Newton fund, given by the Royal Engineering Academy of London, which chooses global success cases in technology and entrepreneurship," he said.

Solar-powered cement that glows in the dark and is able to withstand the harsh effects of sun’s ultraviolet rays for 100 years is something that could revolutionize the solar road industry.

Rubio’s discovery is different from others so far as regular glow-in-the-dark materials do not last long and use plastic that degrades due to exposure to the sun.

The new cement Solar Thermal Electrochemical Production of cement (STEP cement) and instead of emitting carbon dioxide in the manufacturing process, the limestone is separated into lime, graphite and oxygen or lime, CO and part O2.

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