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CBSE Class 12 Maths Paper Leaked? Yes, Say Ranchi Students, CBSE Denies

While students of CBSE class 12 Mathematics paper complained that it was designed to be tough and downgrade many students from competing in JEE(MAINS), the students of Jharkhand were seen happy. Because the paper was leaked ahead and it was similar to the sameple question paper sent to many students on their smartphones.

A student from Chakradharpur in Jharkhand reportedly told the Hindustan Times that the question paper wa similar to the one leaked on Monday. He told HT: “After exam, some students showed an identical question paper in their phones.”

However, Jharkhand teachers were quick to brush aside rumour stories claiming that the sample question paper was similar to the real question paper and many questions which were sent out by CBSE re-appeared in the real question paper. While CBSE is silent on question paper leak reports, some students from Ranchi Delhi Public School claimed that 90% of the questions were similar and in the same sequence, but the regional coordinator of CBSE Manhohar Lal denied the claims of DPS students.

Otherwise, unlucky non-Jharkhan students or those who could not lay their hands on the so-called CBSE sample question papers sent out to their smartphones are upset not because they could not get to know the questions before-hand but because they are so tough that even with reference guides, they cannot answer them perfectly.

"The paper was so tough that even if one had used reference guides, there was no guarantee that one would be able to solve all these problems. The one-mark questions were lengthy and required us to go through complex steps, which was time-consuming. The allotted time was not enough”, said one student.

However, CBSE is not immune to such allegations of tough question papers. In the past, when physics paper in 2014 was leaked out and published on Internet in the Northeast, CBSE claimed that the impact was not country-wide and refused to hold a re-test all over the country citing huge cost. But the paper was tough for the rest of the country’s Class 12 students who were not lucky.

Despite planned conduct of exams, CBSE is increasingly coming under pressure for leaks of question papers, in the East and Northeast region.

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