NASA Moon Orbiter Finds Frost at South Polar Surface (Video)

In craters near the south pole of the moon, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter found some bright areas and some very cold areas. In areas that are both bright and cold, water ice may be present on the surface as frost. Credits: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Scientific Visualization Studio

NASA’s lunar orbiter has captured bright images of craters near the Moon’s south pole to have the presence of frost, said scientists who have studied the images. They combined surface temperatures with information about how much light is reflected off the Moons surface before arriving at the findings. “We found that the coldest places near the Moons south pole are ...

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SpaceX to Send 2 Private Persons to Moon Next Year, Who Are They?

Falcon Heavy Rocket will carry two private individuals to Moon next year by SpaceX and their names are kept secret (SpaceX)

SpaceX, US private space agency entrusted with cargo supply to International Space Station, will fly two private citizens on a trip around the Moon late next year, 2018. Without revealing their names, SpaceX said they have already paid a huge deposit for the Moon mission. SpaceX is currently undertaking an average of four Dragon 2 missions to the ISS per ...

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SpaceX Dragon to Liftoff on June 1 with Cargo Supplies to ISS

Falcon Heavy Rocket will carry two private individuals to Moon next year by SpaceX and their names are kept secret (SpaceX)

SpaceX, US private space agency entrusted with cargo supply to International Space Station, will launch its 11th flight aboard the Dragon spacecraft to carry payload of resupply to the orbiting ISS tomorrow, June 1, 2017. The liftoff will be at 5:55 p.m. EDT from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the US space agency NASA said. ...

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Daughters vs Dads: The Strange Relationship Surprises Researchers

Scientists found a surprising relationships between fathers and their daughters compared to fathers and their sons. Dads are more responsive to daughters thean their toddler sons. Another striking behavioral trait found is their different language style. A report by the American Psychological Association based on a study of 52 fathers of young children, with 30 being fathers of girls and ...

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ISRO New Workhorse GSLV-Mk III to Carry Heaviest 3136-kg GSAT-19 Satellite

S200 Strap-ons Integrated with Core L110 Liquid Stage (Photo: ISRO)

ISRO New Workhorse GSLV-Mk III-D1 to Carry Heaviest 3136-kg GSAT-19 Satellite Indian Space research Organisation (ISRO) will launch its new workhorse GSLV-Mk III-D1 rocket on June 5, making it the heaviest rocket ever made by ISRO and capable of carrying huge payloads. GSAT-19 carries Ka/Ku-band high throughput communication transponders, a Geostationary Radiation Spectrometer (GRASP) to monitor charged particles and the ...

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Tokyo SkyTree Builder Plans Potential Space Elevator by 2050

Japan firm Obayashi Corporation claims to go ahead with Space Elevator Project that was shelved by biggies like Google X

Despite biggies like Google X have shelved the science fiction space elevator project, Japan’s Obayashi Corporation is planning to build the coveted future gateway to space for mankind by 2050 with a capacity to carry at least 100 travelers. A space elevator is conceived as a cable fixed to the equator and reaching into space with a counterweight at the ...

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World’s Largest Optical Telescope’s Construction Begins at Chile

The world’s largest optical telescope, the European Extremely Large Telescope (EELT), is being built in Chile which is emerging as the future capital of space monitoring infrastructure. The E-ELT will be the largest optical/near-infrared telescope in the world and will gather 13 times more light than the largest optical telescopes existing today. The E-ELT will be able to correct for ...

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NASA Moon Orbiter Hit by Tiny Bullet-like Meteoroid, Still Camera Works

The NAC on a bench in the clean room at Malin Space Science Systems. The radiator (right) extends off the electronics end and keeps the CCD cool while imaging the hot Moon. Computer modeling shows the meteoroid impacted somewhere on the radiator

NASA’s Moon orbiting spacecraft Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) was a hit by a small meteoroid faster than the speed of a bullet but the camera survived though it is unclear whether the mission will face any other eventuality. From October 13, 2014, the US space agency’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft suddenly started sending jarred pictures indicating that it could ...

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NASA Satellite Finds 16-km High Monsoon Storms Over Bay of Bengal

The GPM core observatory satellite passed over the Bay of Bengal on May 23, 2017 at 0251 UTC (May 22 at 10:51 p.m. EDT). GPM measured rain falling at a rate of over 108 millimeters or 4.3 inches per hour in some storms reaching heights above 16 km (9.9 miles). Credits: NASA/JAXA, Hal Pierce

Storms associated with the advancing monsoon in the Northern Indian Ocean’s Bay of Bengal were detected by NASA with the GPM or Global Precipitation Measurement mission core satellite that passed over the Bay on May 23, 2017 at 0251 UTC. GPM is a joint satellite mission between NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA. The GPM core observatory satellite ...

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ISS Computer, Antenna Replaced in Emergency Spacewalk, Functioning Normal

Two NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have completed the emergency repairs to the orbiting spacecraft and replace a failed computer on the outer side involving the unique spacewalk feat on Tuesday. Station’s Expedition 51 commander Peggy Whitson and flight engineer Jack Fischer installed a pair of wireless communications antennas onto the outside of the Destiny lab, during ...

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Watch Live: ISS Crew to Conduct Emergency Spacewalk Today to Replace MDM Box

NASA astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer will venture outside the International Space Station on Tuesday, May 23, 2017, to conduct the 201st spacewalk to repair the MDM box for communications maintenance. Photo Credit: NASA

NASA will undertake its an urgent repair work outside the International Space Station (ISS) on Tuesday, May 23 with expedition 51 Commander Whitson and Flight Engineer Fischer replacing a malfunctioning computer relay box that failed three days ago. The box known as multiplexer-demultiplexer (MDM) is the only other unit that regulates the operation of radiators, solar arrays and cooling loops, ...

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Qasar-Based Map of Universe Prepared by Space Scientists

dwarf galaxies

Based on the position of quasars, astronomers have prepared the first map of the universe large-scale structure of the universe. They have made use of the Sloan Foundation Telescope for two years and surveyed the universe under the project Sloan Digital Sky Survey’s Extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (eBOSS), enabling them measure three-dimensional positions of more than 147,000 quasars. Quasars ...

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NASA Names New Space Bacteria on ISS After Dr. Abdul Kalam

abdul kalam

A new radiation-resistant bacteria found on the filters of the International Space Station (ISS) has been named ‘Solibacillus kalamii’ to honour the late Indian President, Dr Abdul Kalam. Dr Kalam was a renowned missile and space scientist and took his initial lessons in rocket technology at NASA in 1963 before India’s first rocket-launching facility was set up in Thumba in ...

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Alien Megastructure’s Flip-Flop Brightness Intrigues Space Researchers

Alien Megastructure or Dyson Sphere

Initially thought an “Alien Megastructure”, the recently named Tabby Star suddenly started dipping brightness that send the oberservs of the celestial body intrigued about its mystrious source of light and its fluctuations. Discovered by the NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, the KIC 8462852 has been named Tobby Star after Tabetha Boyajian, lead researcher of the team that observed the celestial body ...

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