Viral Video on Whatsapp Digs Into Study on Oreo Biscuits’ Addictive Element as Drug Cocaine

A new video by Studio N news channel is making rounds on WhatsApp stirring controversy over Oreo biscuits which are popular among kids and child characters who often vouch for ...

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Finding Alzhemer’s Early with Graphic Characters Greebles

Unique graphic characters Greebles may help in detecting signs of Alzheimer’s disease decades before symptoms become apparent, said Emily Mason, a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Neurological Surgery at ...

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New Brain Tumour Drug Mebendazole Found Effective

Researchers from the Feinstein Institute found a common medication administered to treat pinworms, could replace the current treatment used for certain brain cancers. Prof. Marc Symons’s findings, to be published ...

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Stent Price in Hospital Bills Compulsory Now

Under Para 30 of Drugs Price Control Order (DPCO), 2013, the government has made it compulsory for all hospitals to provide the exact price they charge for coronary stents in ...

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Why do People Get High Blood Pressure? Russians Reveal Culprit Behind it!

The culprit behind high pressure is now identified by Russian researchers as the result of decrease in the prefrontal cortex and increase in the hypothalamus areas of the brain, said ...

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Self-Diagnosis of Heart Attack Forewarning Found by Indian Teenager

The technique is simple, user-friendly and yet scientific as it involves FAPB3, a blood biomarker that accumulates on the skin to forewarn the possibility of heart attack and the invention ...

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Backyard Bird Watching Enough to Save You From Depression: New study

Watching birds from your balcony might go a long way in improving your mental health, said a recent study based on empiricial data analyzed. Those living in neighborhoods with more ...

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Why Some Are Left-Handed? Study Traces Cause to Gene Activity in Womb

A team of researchers from Ruhr-Universität Bochum have traced the cause of asymmetric gene activity that results in preference for left-handedness to right-handedness much before it was previously thought. Much ...

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WWF India, Apollo Hospitals Extend Medical Cover to Forest Guards, Local Communities

WWF India and Apollo Hospitals will extend medical coverage to forest guards, local communities for one more year. (Photo: PR Agency)

WWF India and Apollo Hospitals Foundation hasve extended their year-long partnership to provide medical support to forest department frontline staff and local communities across the conservation landscapes in which WWF-India ...

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Protein to Control Paralysis Discovered

A parasite that causes schistosomiasis, center, shown in the tissue of its host snail.(OSU)

A naturally occurring protein has been discovered that shows promise as a biocontrol weapon against schistosomiasis, one of the world’s most prevalent parasitic diseases, Oregon State University researchers reported today ...

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Health Ministry Launches ‘SAATHIYA’ Resource Kit, Mobile App to Provide Sex Education

The Secretary (Health and Family Welfare), Mr C.K. Mishra launching the ‘Saathiya Resource Kit’, at a function, in New Delhi on February 20, 2017.(PIB Photo)

Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare launched the SAATHIYA Resource Kit including ‘Saathiya Salah’ Mobile App for adolescents, in New Delhi on Monday as part of the Rashtriya Kishor ...

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Raashi Khanna Visits Children at Cancer Wing of Rainbow Hospitals

Raashi Khanna interacted with children at Rainbow Hospital in Hyderabad. (Photo: PR Agency)

Actress Raashi Khanna attended a get-together event for the Cancer survivors on International Childhood Cancer Day on February 15 at Rainbow Children’s Hospital in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. She distributed prizes ...

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Anti-Aging Drug? Russian Scientists Triumph Where Millions Failed

A group of Russian scientists have finally achieved triumph and success in discovering the magic compound that can work on mitochondria and slowdown the process of ageing of organism. The ...

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Four-in-One Quadpill Found, Termed Magic Pill to Treat BP

British researchers have combined four blood pressure drugs into one pill and the small pilot clinical trial showed normalcy restored in patients within one month, making it a magic pill ...

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Post-Campaign, Arvind Kejriwal to be Rushed to Bengaluru for Diabetes Treatment Again

For the fourth time since he became Delhi Chief Minister, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is being rushed to Bengaluru on Tuesday, February 7, 2017, immediately after the conclusion of campaign for ...

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Eat Grapes for 6 Months to Increase Memory, Avert Alzheimer’s, Says Study

Eating handful of grapes twice a day continuously for six months at a stretch has increased the brain metabolism and protected against significant metabolic decline in Alzheimer-related areas of the ...

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Mysterious Muzaffarpur Deaths Linked to Toxic Litchi Fruit Eaten on Empty Stomach: Study

Muzaffarpur was aghast for years with an unkown disease which was caused by unripe litchi fruit swallowed by children and adults on empty stomach, said a report published by India’s ...

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Over-weight Couple Face Prospect of Late Pregnancy, Finds Indian-Origin UK Scientist

Couple who are over-weight or obese face the prospect of delayed pregnancy which is on an average half time more than what non-obese couple achieve, said a study by Dr. ...

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Indian Health Ministry Notifies Medical Devices Rules, 2017

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has notified Medical Devices Rules, 2017, framed in conformity with Global Harmonisation Task Force (GHTF) framework and conform to best international practices. Only ...

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New Horse Therapy Gives Hope to Cancer Patients: Study

Based on assumption that regular horse ride or getting in touch with a horse could radically improve the physical and psychological well-being of patients, a new horse therapy has become ...

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