Brahmotsavam: Mahesh Babu Admits Srikanth Addala a Bad Choice

Whenever Mahesh Babu’s films are released, irrespective of the theme, expectations run so high that the actor had himself once conceded that every film release keep him in grips of tension. And this is not the first time the Prince of Telugu film industry had failed.

From ‘Khaleja’ to ‘Businessman’, which fared miserably at the box office, he proved that ‘Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ (SVSC) was different and did prove his star value despite a weak storyline. But success never repeats consecutively and rather it is history or the turn of events which keep returning again and again to take a leaf of lesson and move forward.

Though director Srikanth Addala tried his level best with more than 20 characters mushroomed on the screen, he failed to keep the grip of the momentum in the story and the finale too ended miserably. Script and screenplay too faced bad mouthing leaving aside hotchpotch story in the film.

Now that the film was a failure, Mahesh Babu has openly admitted that he would own the responsibility for its failure. He told Deccan Chronicle:”Don’t blame the director for the failure, as I want to take the responsibility. It was my choice to pick director Srikanth Addala for the film and it’s my error of judgement.” Indirectly, he had upheld the blame on the director and owned responsibility for taking him onboard for the second film, which proved otherwise.

Meanwhile, other rumors said the actor did not see the final cut of the edited film, loosing the chance to make any corrections, if required. However, Mahesh Babu, who is in London on a holiday with his family, will return with bigger challenges awaiting him.

His next big film is by director A R Murugadoss and it hovers around action romance. But Murgadoss too is known for his hotchpotch stories which have luckily turned out to be hits but not all.

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