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Bollywood Upcoming Film ‘Calendar Girls’ Based on 80% Reality: Madhur Bhandarkar


The National Award winning director Madhur Bhandarkar said he was inspired by the glossy calendars which surfaced while he was cleaning his office and gave it a shot to make a movie on ‘Calendar Girls’ as many Bollywood heroines were calendar girls too.

“Besides giving an inside look into this world, it (Film Calendar Girls) offers a larger perspective of the world in general — how to thrive, how to hold yourself, how to be strong…. there’s a bigger message in this film, life lessons, that will appeal to everyone,” Madhur Bhandarkar said in an interview.
He told TOI,”While flipping through the pages of those calendars, my mind wondered about who these girls were. I was curious about what happened to them after they shot for these calendars. I kept asking myself, ‘Where have they disappeared?’ That was the trigger for me to make my next,” says Madhur, adding, “I set out to research like I usually do. I interacted with many of these girls. While some had become full-time models and some others had become actresses, many had changed tracks.”
“It is a great time for women-oriented cinema and I feel like the flag-bearer of such films,” he added.
The movie does not cast any of the actress who are famous. The story of the movie ‘Calendar Girls,’ revolves around the five girls who are calendar models and who are not known to many people. It’s about their journey from how they started and what are they doing currently.
In another interview with the Sunday Guardian, Madhur Bhandarkar said, “My movies are always centred around women in some way or the other… The life of a calendar girl is something that is completely new to me.”
He noted that becoming a calendar girl is the first step to becoming a bigger star, which is Bollywood. Even Deepika Padukone was a calendar girl for Kingfisher before she made it into Bollywood in a big way. “People have not seen the life of a calendar girl at all — what goes into making a calendar girl, and what happens to them after they achieve that success,” he questioned and set his search on to finally roll out a film on them.
‘Calendar Girls’ is a two hours and eight minutes movie, which was shot in Mumbai ad Mauritius in flat 40 days. Madhur had talked to as many calendar models as possible to get what he said 80% of realism in his movie. He has interviewed not only models but also the photographers, casting agents, coordinators and many other people from the film industry to finish his research work for the film.
The film producer Sangeetha Ahir told TOI: “The film’s like an open diary of five girls. It’s not just about bikini-clad models. It also makes a statement about the empowerment of women; their journey, their struggle, their courage, and what it takes to fulfil their dreams in the face of many odds. It’s an inspiring story.”
‘Calendar Girls’, is produced by Mangal Murti films and directed by Madhur Bhandarkar with new five faces who were actually the claendar girls in the past and the makers said it was a budget film aimed at capturing the forgotten side of the modelling world.
Known for his women-centric films, Madhur Bhandarkar’s previous film include Chandini Bar,  Heroine, Page 3 and Fashion. With his upcoming movie, he is letting us out to explore another disguised angle of the glamourous film industry with 80 percent reality. The film will be released in August.

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