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Bihar Board Announces Class 10 Results

The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) announced today the Class 10 results this evening after considerable delay due to the strike by fixed-pay teachers in the state last month.

The evaulation was taken after the strike and the results were announced at 4 PM on Saturday, June 20. This year, the board exam was taken by 14 lakh students conducted across the state between March and April 2015.

Students can check their results at the official websites of the Bihar Board given below: BSEB Class 10th Results 2015


www. bks.bihar.gov.in

Bihar board exam came into limelight this year when photos flashed all over the social media showing how mass-copying is the bane of the state education system that the minister himself admitted that he could not stop.

A total of 14.26 lakh students were appearing for the exams at 1,217 centres in the state and 272 students were rusticated for cheating on the opening day of the exams on March 17, while 243 were rusticated the next day.

The video on Vaishali examination centre went viral, embarrassing the state HRD minister Prashant Kumar Shahi, who said “We cannot control or curb unfair means…when we are conducting a large-scale examination. There are four-five persons to help one student”.

Several local TV channels ran footage of the four-storeyed Gyan Niketan examination centre at Mahnar in Vaishali district, an image that has caught the entire nation’s attention and became the central point of ridicule of our education system.

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