Ayurvedic Diabetes drug BGR 34 Side Effects Surface Slowly

The Ayurvedic medicine BGR 34 released into the market has elicited mixed reaction from the users. Among the complaints include chronic gastric problems and allergy.

BGR-34 Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes claims that it was made from medicinal plant extracts, an anti-diabetes herbal and ayurvedic drug. The company claims that it can work as a blood glucose metabolizer to protect vital organs from oxidative damage.

The ingredients mentioned on its pack show that it consists of daruharidra, vijaysar, giloy, gudmar, methika and majeeth, which it says would improve the function of the pancreas and reduces the level of glycosylated hemoglobin.

Jointly developed by the scientists of CSIR-NBRI and CSIR-CIMAP the medicine attracted immense curiosity and demand in the market as the researchers claimed 67% success during the “clinical trials” on animals. The two CSIR laboratories, National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) and Central Institute for Medicinal and Aromatic Plant (CIMAP) — both funded by the government were behind the product’s development.

“The drug has extracts from four plants mentioned in Ayurveda and that makes it safe,” said Dr AKS Rawat, senior principal scientist, NBRI, while releasing the drug in the market. “It has been tested on animals and scientific study has found it safe and effective, with clinical trials showing 67% success,” said the scientist without giving further details.


  1. Is there any side effects if it is taken 6 tablets at a time

  2. i am using BGR-34 since one month. I did not find this drug useful

  3. Well, you gave us such a clear explanation on this category, it very useful to us. You did a great job about this topic. I just read it and got such a useful information it very help us. Thank you for sharing this suggestions and information with us. I am satisfied with your site and information.

  4. Devinder sandhu

    How much days use this medicine. ..?

  5. Pls call back as i an taking glycomet 250 twice a day and want to jump in ayurbeda

  6. I am completely agree with with Ranjit Bawa. AIMIL is just making money. There just sell the medicine afterwords they didn’t reply on the query of customers. I have purchased this medicine for my grandmother but it causes some side effects and also cause gastric problem. So, i send my query to their customer support still no response is received from there side. BGR-34 is a big no so before taking this please consult to the doctor first.

  7. Causes Gastric Issues… And no response of my query on their customer care as well as on Facebook Page…
    AIMIL is just for making money. After selling medicine they didn’t recognise their patients… Please suggest best physician before thinking to take BGR-34. Its a chance on your life.

  8. If ur facing gastric problem with bgr 34 u can take it after ur bf r dinner also,really it’s a very good tab.
    Anyway consult ur doctor once
    My age 34 just 22 days back my fbs was 156 and pp 226,after taking bgr tab daily 3 tab before eating from last fifteen days with one hour walk daily now my fbs is 108 and pp is 140 with out any side effects

  9. If ur facing gastric problem with bgr 34 u can take it after ur bf r dinner also,really it’s a very good tab.
    Anyway consult ur doctor once

  10. Dr chandra gupta

    MY. Wife was taking BGR34 2 tablets twice a day but after few days acidity increased very much so she started one tab twice a day ,but after taking for another 20 days she started having blisters on legs mainly and Also on arms ,for which we consulted two skin specialist ,for which they also conducted skin biopsy ,which was inconclusive ,and still they have not reached to any conclusion ,but both skin specialist asked about taking anyAYURVEDIC MEDICINE
    I have come to the conclusion that these blisters are due to BGR34 only

  11. I have been using BGR-34 since about 15 days. In about 5 days time I knew it was working: better sleep and less itching of the reverse of the palms etc. I have slightly reduced the oral intake (no insulin) of the allopathic medicines. I monitor sugar levels myself and find it under better control. I am reducing the allopathic intake gradually (and hope to kick them entirely) in the next 30-45 days. I would suggest those with doubts try the medicine themselves with one bottle to start with. This may be the real solution to many! God bless.

  12. .Raghubir Singh

    I am diabetic since last 12 years but the level never crossed 200 mg/dl. With my doctor’s advise I was taking one tab of Glycomet 500 mg each in the morning and evening but the glucose level (fasting)remains 160 . On hearing from my friends I started taking 2 tabs of BGR_34 in the MORNING before breakfast and 2 tabs in evening before dinner since last 4 month. Now I am on 5th Phil’s of BGR -34.but no considerable improvement has been noticed. NOW, the Glycomet 500mg has replaced with PIOZ MFG_1 (Metformin 500 plus Glimpride 1 mg) and fasting level came down to 60 mg/dl I am also continuing BGR 34 also. Let me, someone my friend know how long this BGR 34 is to be continued as 500 tabs have already been consumed.

  13. bilkul baswass medicine hai!!!
    guys please do not take it. BGR-34 is has many side effects. i strongly recommended not to use this medicine.

  14. a.k.chatterjee

    Sir I am from Lko .please let me know where I get bgr34 in lucknow

  15. There is a mixed response regarding effectiveness of BGR-34, Some say it is very effective some say it is not, Some of them complained about side effects like Gastric problems and allergy. some of them are happy. some of them are saying it is not able to control blood sugar levels.

    BGR34 Representatives claim that it will show results in 30 – 40 days and they also say you need to follow a proper diet as recommended by them (BGR Diet chart) If it cannot regulate blood sugar levels , then you cannot discontinue metformin or other allopathic medicine you are using to control your blood sugar levels.

    read the article here -http://www.healthydietfordiabetics.com/bgr-34-review-price-side-effects-effectiveness/

  16. Mr Alwyn Dsa,

    I have already tried the domestic preparation ( Wheat, Gond, Barley, Kalaunji} mentioned in your message. It does not work at all. I have, over a period of time, tried many other so-called “miraculous” Ayurvedic prescriptions, including BGR-34, but, without any worth mentioning results.

    Mr Prakash,

    May I have your e-mail ID, please. I want to contact you. My mail ID is girish.tewari@yahoo.com

  17. Finally Good News For Diabetes.

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    Once again Thanks for sending this message for those who suffer ths deadly diabetes..!

  18. Susmit Goswami

    Dear Sir

    I am 50 yrs old man with sugar level of (fasting) 110 & HBA1C is 6.2. Although doctor has advised of no medicine except diet control & exercise, I have started taking BGR34 on my own for last 1 month with one tab before breakfast & one tab before dinner. I have taken a renal test, where my creatine level is 120 & my cholesterol level is 152. My question
    a) should I continue taking BGR34 as before?
    b) is my creatine level high?? If yes, then is it due to BGR34??
    c) any other thing I should follow

  19. I am 62 and suffering from Diabetes for the last 10 years . I am on insulin ( Insugen 30/70) for the last 10 months now. In addition, I am taking Ziten and Zoryl tablets. Fasting Sugar about 120 and PP 160. I am taking BGR 34 for last 3 months. Not much change in sugar levels. For the last one month, Protein level in urine has gone up and it was 175 against maximum acceptable limit of 140 ( 24 Hrs Protein). Is that due to BGR 34 ? I READ SOMEWHERE THAT THIS MEDICINE AFFECTS KIDNEY FUNCTIONING ADVERSELY. Will any friend give his views, please. Any response from the Company ?

  20. Sir,

    I am tanking 1 tab. twice a day after breakfast and dinner, my normal sugar after meal 160, I am also taking Glycipahse SR 500 gms. along with BGR34 but I face digestion problem before this my routine lavatory 2 times in morning but after taking BGR34 it will 3 times in morning and itching on lavatory place. Please suggest what I am going to wrong. Your suitable reply is expected by return mail

  21. Since from one month I am taking BGR-34.The results are good.After three month only I can tell to every one about this product.gastric problem is there but in diabetic it happen even taking english medicine ,I think may be this is very good medicine for diabetic patients .Need to do further study.Thank you very much AIMIL FOR BGR-34

  22. Which is why Unani medicines can not be prepared in uniform way for all on assembly line. Generally it is prescribed by Tabeeb/ Hakeem according to the body constituents of an individual patient for which composition of ingredients in preparation of any medicine kept varying according to the suitability of the constituents of individual. Had this BGR-34 medicine prepared in any Attar Khana of any Tabeeb, some ingredients could be added or reduced according to the symptom / suitability of any individual patient. This is a limitation with all the medicines including halopathic which are prepared in the laboratory at mass level on assembly line. Here our Unani system prove more scientific in regulating the ingredients according to the constituent of the individual patient’s suitability.


    Even allopathic diabetic drugs have side effects like gastric trouble. Same people who are claiming that there are side effects for Ayurvedic medicines conveniently ignore this fact. All medicines have side effects. That doesn’t mean they are bad

  24. Using the BGR 34 since one and half month, no reduction in sugar levels but facing gastric disorder.

    Gastric seems a common issue with BGR 34, suggest / incorporate the appropriate measures. Also provide the help line for side effects.

  25. I am used BGR-34 daily no side effects
    This is the best products
    Thanks for C.S.I.R & AIMIL

  26. Hi friends if u diabetes or insulin dependent diabetics pls contact my no – 8892923315 can contact

  27. AyurvedIC medicines are normally safe. However the CSIR and Aimil must provide contact for users to address any grievance.

  28. I am taking this medicene from 4 days but i also geting skin red patches and itching coming due to your medicene

  29. I am 50 years years old & having Diabetes since three years.I take Istamet 50/ 500 once a day.My FBS is 115 & PP is 180.I started taking BGR 34 tablets since two months .But there is no change in my readings.After 1 month I find gastric trouble.No I have stopped this tablet.

  30. Im diabetic for last 15 years and on insulin for last 10 years.Can I use BGR 34? If yes ,should it be taken along with insulin?How long I will have to take BGR 34? On insulin my sugar level remain well in control.

  31. Tushar Trivedi

    I am 64 years old & am diabetic since last 4 years. I am taking Janumet 550 mg in the morning & evening. I have started taking BGR 34 since one month . There is some difference in blood glucose level but should i discontinue Janumet 550 mg twice a day ? Many readers have posed this question but so far you have not answered.

  32. my nephew is 15 yrs old he has been diagonised with diabetes. it been 2 month since it has triggered.he is on insulin 2 times in a day and alot of control diet. alopethic dr says their is no out growing out of this disease ever in life will he be completely cured . please suggest me any medicine

  33. Mohankumar Kizhekkethara

    I am also using BGR34 for the last 3 months and I have found the medicine very effective. I did not notice any side effects sofar. It is quite common that one medicine may not suit to millions alike. Some one might have some reactions due to ones metabolic structures and other existing ailments. Over all effectiveness is to be valued.

  34. My fasting sugar was 135sndd pp 180 and was taking Jalra50/500 one tab morning and half at dinner.zNow taking BG34 fir the last 2 months Fasting sugar is 105 and pp 140.How long to continue BG34 and should I discontinue or reduce Jalra50 aliphatic medicine.Whome to consult regarding BG34 for advice.Custmet service no body picks up.Should write on the label who me to contact personally or on phone or e mail.Thanks

  35. My wife is taking bgr 34 since 3 months and her fasting and pp glucose levels are 110-125 constantly and she has stopped doze of allopathic medicine in the evening and results are very good. She have no side effects of any kind and strongly recommend this medicine.

  36. V.Sambathklumar

    I am 33 yrs. Old & suffering from Diabetes from last 6 yrs. Currently my my Blood-Sugar was between 170-200 now i am using Diamicron MX 500 mg Tablet. Sir I heard about your BGR-34. & I want to use this medicine. So you are warm requested to kindly guide me what will be does & till how long have to take? Also guide can I take with English Medicine which presently I am taking Diamicron MX 500 Mg.? I shall be OBLIGED & THANKFUL to you for this kind co-operation.

  37. V.Sambathklumar

    Respected Sir, I am 33 yrs. Old & suffering from Diabetes from last 6 yrs. Currently my my Blood-Sugar was between 170-200 now i am using Diamicron MX 500 mg Tablet. Sir I heard about your BGR-34. & I want to use this medicine. So you are warm requested to kindly guide me what will be does & till how long have to take? Also guide can I take with English Medicine which presently I am taking Diamicron MX 500 Mg.? I shall be OBLIGED & THANKFUL to you for this kind co-operation.

  38. I am taking BGR34 since 2 weeks, 2 tablets twice a day before food.
    Since a week I am having constipation and started having itching in my crotch, it turned so bad and I scratched myself. later I noticed that I had round dark red spots, swollen due to scratching, now I feel the of the wound have become sensitive.
    Until today I never suspected that it’s due to BGR34, but as the itching got severe, I thought of googling the side effects of BGR34, I was shocked to learn that many people have this problem. I don’t know what to do and whom to contact about my problem. I am managing my constipation with Omeprazol, But my itching red patches around crotch and legs is not subsiding in spite of using powerful hydrocortisone creams (Mometasone furoate).

    I don’t want to give up using BGR34, but if my problem persists or increase I will have to give up.

  39. TO
    Respected sir,
    Will you please display the clinical data for the effectiveness of the BGR 34 tablet. So that people and doctor can advise the drug? OR show the research paper for the same. OR link for the same .My mail address is bvhatwalkar@yahoo.com

  40. Dear Sir,
    This is A.N.Murthy from Hyderabad, Telangana. I am diabetic since 8 years and well under control with diet , pranayama and yoga and medicines too . After reading this I started using BGR-34 . After using it for 20 days I too faced severe gastric discomfort and stopped using the drug. Now I am getting normal. After getting this problem only I searched from net about side effects of the medicine. Sunitha Saxena is right. Some people may not be comfortable with certain medicines. Other people should not say it is fake. Such experiences may lead another successful achievements. Methi used in this tablet is a cause for gastric discomfort. The ayurvedic medicine does not have side effects is not right. Many Ayurvedic products have certainly side effects depending on type of the people used. I request any of you to please forward the URL of the CSIR, NBRI or CIMAP official webpages where it is confirmed that this drug is an invention of them.
    Thank you

  41. I received my bottle of BGR-34 from Amazon yesterday. I am right now on Exermet 500 twice a day. Do I stop Exermet 500 and take only BGR-34 or do I take both? Directions are a bit vague on this.

  42. Bijay Kumar Pani

    I am 54 yrs. Old & suffering from Diabetes from last 5 yrs. Previously my Blood-Sugar was between 152 & 202 in fasting & after taking food but now a days after taking BGR-34 (within 2&1/2 months) is maintaining between 112-142.I am so happy after taking this medicine that I can nt explain I faced no side effects or any allergic nothing else on my body. I take this medicine,with regular allopathy drugs for 07 days only.After that I am taking this medicine regularly with my as usual food like a normal man not like a Diabetes patient.

  43. Hello Sir,
    please provide your contact detail…we’ll arrange a doctor call for you..

    Best Regards,

    AIMIL Healthcare & Research Centre
    Address: 2699 Street No 13, Main Patel Road, Ranjeet Nagar, ND-110008
    Phone: 011-25703613

  44. Last week my father took first dose as per Doctor’s suggestion and fond that the BP was raised all of sudden to 195 and was admitted to hospital and treated. Slowly the BP came to normal.
    He is Insulin dependent aged 75 years.

    So doctor advised to stop BGR34 immediately.
    Now everything back to normal.


  45. I also stated using this medicine. Although medicine is good for controlling diabetes but it caused me gastric trouble and I donot know to whom I should consult regarding this medicine. Kindly help


  47. I am also suffering from Diabetes since last 8 years… and i was using Glimy- M a Allopathic medicine since last one and half years. Now i am using BGR-34 since last 6 days and have no any side effect…

  48. The problem could also arise from self medication,as all drugs be it allopathic or ayurvedic, are freely available for purchase by the general public. There is no compulsion to seek medical advice. Furthermore,there are pharmacists who also give “consultations” on diabetes,hypertension, and prescribe drugs too! Conflict of interest! We do not know about other interactions be it from food,or other medicines we are consuming before taking herbal medicines. Even Ayurveda doctors would tell you to take their medicines as supplements if you are already on allopathic drugs,till such time symptoms are brought under control,and only then to see if allopathic meds can be reduced or stopped. Only my opinion..

  49. Are there any side effects of BGR-34? Can I take this medicine,with regular allopathy drugs?Is it essential to yake consultation of ayurvedic doctors? Plz, guide me.

  50. In South Delhi from where I can get this BGR-34 Tablet. Please give address of medical shop.

  51. In our society people are waiting to humiliate others by spreading fake news or rising any issues which makes others down. I don’t know what type of society we have. Now Ms Sunita Saxena claims that she suffered a lot by an ayurvedic medicine. Lolz…. I think she dosen’t have any knowledge about Ayurveda or herbal medicines. first give some proof about your problem then spread such things about BGR-34..

  52. Regularly, I usually read articles on internet, i read news regarding anti-diabetic medicine BGR-34. It was shocking that how an ayurvedic medicine can harm any person. It’s really funny and shocking news. Do ayurvedic medicines have side effects?BGR-34 is a wonderful ayurvedic medicine. I am so happy after taking this medicine. I faced no side effects or any allergic on my body.

  53. Ms Sunita Saxena stop preventing people from such fake news that you are facing any issues regarding BGR-34. Daruharidra, Vijaysar, Giloy, Gudmar, methika, Majeeth these all herbs are present in the medicine. According ton my study about these herbs they doesn’t create any type of problem for diabetic people. If you are taking these medicines without consult doctor or without using rules and regulations you definationly face problem. So, consult CSIR and AMIL about your problem inspite of spreading rubbish here.

  54. I read your article where u said, “BGR 34 is really not a recommended medicine” because you suffered from gastric disorders and severe allergy all over your body. It is really a big problem that you are facing .But it’s really a strange thing that any ayurvedic medicine has shown any side effect. I recommend this medicine to my neighbor she uses this medicine since last 2 months but doesn’t suffer any problems. Have you contact CSIR or AIMIL about your problem.

  55. Santosh Kr. Singh

    Respected Sir, I am 40 yrs. Old & suffering from Diabetes from last 8 yrs. This is my genetic disease. Previously my Blood-Sugar was between 170-215 in fasting but nowadays (within 2 months) is maintaining between 100-120 after changing my doctor. Sir I heard about your BGR-34. & I want to use this medicine. So you are warm requested to kindly guide me what will be does & till how long have to take? Also guide can I take with English Medicine which presently I am taking (Zoryl-2).? I shall be OBLIGED & THANKFUL to you for this kind co-operation.

    With Warm Regard:
    Santosh Kr. Singh
    (Mob.No.- +91 78378 00171)
    E-mail: santoshrolls@gmail.com

  56. Ayurvedic herbal treatments are usually safe and well-tolerated when prescribed by a qualified and knowledgeable. BGR-34 is a holistic and natural medicine that causes no side-effects and has many side-benefits and it has medically proved by the CSIR. I personally used this medicine for my mother in law. She doesn’t suffer any problems or any other side effects. It is really shameful that people spreads such rubbish things about this medicine.

  57. Reference to the mentioned side effects from Ayurvedic Diabetes Drug BGR-34. It may be noted that the drug has been thoroughly

    pre-clinical and clinically studied for efficacy & safety and is duly licensed by State Licensing Authority (ISM) and is composed from all known herbs used in the country since centuries. Anyhow, based on sensitization of individual, even if the claimed allergic or gastric discomfort is felt the concern along with the medical reports should contact NBRI-CIMAP, medical officials or the manufacturer at their New Delhi Office.

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