ASTROSAT Successfully Launched, Satellites Separated in Orbit

India’s first space observatory ASTROSAT was successfully launched at 9.48 AM this morning from Sriharikota and all all satellites are seperated successfully in the orbit, said ISRO.

The astronomy satellite is a miniature version of the Hubble, the US-European joint space observatory that has discovered new galaxies and improved understanding of the universe.

Dr Kiran Kumar, Chairman of ISRO, said no other global space-based telescope has comparable capabilities. With this mission, India has joined the club of three other nations with similar satellites — US, Europe and Japan.

Costing ISRO Rs.178 crore, the satellite was originally conceived 20 years ago and the project was cleared in 2005. With this, “India will be the only country having a multi-wavelength space-based observatory capable of monitoring intensity variations in a broad range of cosmic sources,” said ISRO.

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