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Apple Fixes All Bugs to Make iOS 8 More Reliable, Releases Update

appleApple has begun its latest update of iOS 8.3 to all its handheld devices — iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users after a controversial uproar on its bugs pointed out by rivals and finally fixed by the tech giant with a ton of new emoji characters.

In addition, Apple in iOS 8.3 provides more support for Apple’s personal assistant, Siri, in other languages, to make it more apealing in multi-faceted global environment. One need not wait for toggling the Siri to make phone calls but just speak and place call that immediately starts from the speakerphone.

Other improvements include bug fixes for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, third-party keyboards and other iOS apps bu third parties. Apple will allow its users to report junk messages and filter their iMessages which come from strangers or unsolicited contacts.

For downloading, iOS will have the option of getting free apps without a password, and simplifies sign in to Google accounts which require two-factor authentication.

For the latest iPhone 6 Plus users, there will be a new dedicated formatting keys for bold and underline in the landscape keyboard.

Another major bug fixed by Apple include the bug in Safari searches by adjustments made to the keyboard and the fixing of the space bar. Apple has reportedly set all the bug reports right this time to make the iOS 8 more reliable as the company is focusing on the next version, iOS 9, which is likely to be unveiled in June this year.

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