After Uberpool, Ola Launches ‘Car Pooling’ in Bangalore

Taxi aggregator Ola has hit upon the new idea of taking the ‘Car Pooling’ idea a step ahead and launch its new ‘Share’ Feature on its app that will bring down the daily taxi fare for many office-goers.

Ola was second such cab provider after Uber had introduced ‘Uberpool’ last month in Bangalore. The cost savings are far less than a ride on BMTC city buses as Ola will charge Rs.50 flat as an introductory fare. The Share taxi is similar to ‘seat’ auto concept that is prevalent in many cities even today.

Taking the idea slightly higher, the new taxi share concept may work better in cities like Bangalore and Mumbai since offices are often set up in one area. Ola said in a statement, “Ola has introduced on the Concept of Social Groups its app. With groups, colleagues from a workplace and friends from a college can come together to share rides amongst themselves.”

ola cab share

ola cab share

The group could be friends or just one person who would join anyone to ride in one direction. The Ola app will provide an option for ‘Share’ a ride and once they select the destination they will be matched with other users from their groups or given the offer to join any group.

Since the new feature will provide maximum vehicle utilisation, it would help business and makes economic sense, said Ola. currently, Ola said only 33 per Cent Most Vehicles Utilisation of capacities are seen in the business. “With ‘Share’, we not only Bring Economy, Travelling with Convenience and comfort of people in your Circles, but also increased Inventory Vehicles on Utilisation of the Platform,” it said.

Other benefits from the concept show that it could contribute towards significant reduction of traffic, congestion and pollution in the cities, said Ishan Gupta, Head of ‘Share’ in Ola. He said the concept would move in the direction of sustainable transportation at a fraction of cost they otherwise incur on daily taxi ride individually, he added.

Under the ‘Share’ feature, a maximum of three people share a cab together and Driver-Partners get an option to log into the Share Platform, Instant Access.

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