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5 JNU Students Resurface on Campus, Ready to Face Arrest

With a week of turmoil in the capital over the anti-India sologaneering and arrest of JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar of charges of sedition, 5 of the students who police wanted to arrest on anti-national activities resurfaced on Sunday on the campus.

Soon the other JNU students and teachers formed massive protecting circles around them and were seen staging a sit-in throughout the night, while the police waited outside the main entrance gate to crack in any time.

The 5 accused JNU students for whom Delhi Police has sounded red-alert are — Umar Khalid, Anirban, Ashutosh, Rama Naga and Ananth Prakash. The night witnessed one of the typical all-night vigil on the campus with speeches from student leaders and debate on the campus unrest and it triggers.

The police are waiting to arrest these "missing" students since the February 9 incident that was organised on the eve of the third anniversary of the execution of parliament attack accused Afzal Guru. The incident turned into anti-India sloganeering on the campus that led to police crack down on the campus with Home Minister Rajnath Singh vowing to hunt the 16-identified students so far.

JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested first and is in judicial custody in Tihar facing sedition charges, which he denied repeatedly and gave a written statement to Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi that was prominently displayed on Twitter.

Umar Khalid, allegedly the chief organiser of the Afzal Guru event, said the charges were "ridiculous" and said he had no links to any terrorist organisation. In his speech after resurfacing on the campus after 10 days, he reportedly said: "For the 16 years that I have done politics on this campus, I have never thought of myself as a Muslim. I have never also projected myself as a Muslim. In the last 10 days, for the first time I felt like a Muslim. These people are telling us about patriotism… They may have majority but they are scared of us… they are scared of our struggle."

Meanwhile, Delhi High Court will hear the bail plea of Kanhaiya Kumar today. Currentoy, he is in Tihar jail as Supreme Court refused to hear his case and directed his counsel to approach the high court first.

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