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4-Year-Old Girl Raped in Delhi, Sustains Horrible Injuries

A 4-year-old girl raped in Delhi and has sustained horrific injuries , same as Nirbhaya, December 16, 2012 rape case.

The girl suffers an extensive damage in her intestines and private parts. She also suffers bruises and bites all over the body.

The child has undergone an emergency surgery and now is out of danger, however she will need a series of surgeries over six months to recover.

The child is from a low-income family and the case also include the charges of attempt to murder. It is said that the men who raped the child wanted to kill her but later they decided to leave her there to die.

However, the child has named her assailants and they are yet to be traced.

It may be recalled that India’s capital New Delhi went red over the December 2012 gang-rape of a 23-year-old paramedical student by six men leading to her death shocked the entire country and focus is on such cases all over the nation make it headlines everyday.

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