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13 Liquor Outlets on Highways Shutdown in Kerala

Thirteen liquor outlets located on state and national highways have been shut down in Kerala today following the decision taken by the cabinet a month ago.

Kerala High Court has ordered to shift all liquor outlets from highways in November, after hearing a public interest litigation which states liquor shops on the highways as a major cause of accidents, which says it is easy for vehicle drivers to buy liquor from these shops.

It has noted, “The rush seen in front of the outlets often affect smooth vehicular movement and also accidents. Given, this, such outlets should be shifted to less-crowded areas.”

While many of the employees were scared of losing their job, employees of these outlets are said to be re-deployed in warehouse godowns as well as the remaining stock would be shifted to other outlets.

Out of the closed outlets, 12 belongs to Kerala State Beverages Corporation whereas the other one belongs to Consumerfed, which was located at Palissery in Thrissur district of Kerala.

According to reports, about 170 liquor shops were found to be located on highways by Kerala State Beverages Corporation. If the bars spotted were forced to be shifted, about 170 BEVCO outlets should have found a new location to begin its outlets.

Earlier, about 700 bars were declared to shut down in the state. The new liquor policy of the Kerala government aiming to achieve complete prohibition of liquor in the state in a phased manner has provided that liquor would be served only in 21 five-star hotel bars, and all other bars in the state were closed down from Sep 12.


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