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10 Must know Tips to Take Care of Skin Before & After Holi

With Holi on Thursday, several streets and venues have already began to sport colours but remember your skin care should begin before Holi and not after Holi. In fact, you should know these precautions two to three days before actual Holi to avoid skin rashes and save your sensitive organs from damage, including you hair and eyebrows.

Here are 10 Tips to Follow BEFORE Holi:

  1. Don’t wax or thread or do any facial treatment at least 3 days before Holi.
  2. Apply dark-colour paint on your nails, not light colour 2 days before Holi.

  3. Never forget to apply oil to your hair before Holi, whether you like it or not.

  4. Trim your nails one day before Holi as colours stuck in between nails is not easy to remove.

  5. Apply moisturiser all over the body before you venture out on to the street with your colours in hand.

  6. Apply lip balm on your lips before playing Holi.

  7. Remember to wear cotton clothes and not synthetics, jeans or denim as they tend to stick to you body and is harmful.

  8. Wear Full-sleeved clothes to protect your skin during Holi.

  9. Tie your hair in a knot, especially when you have a long har, preferably as a bun or braid it.

  10. REMOVE your contact lenses, if you are wearing them as colours will destroy your vision and harm your eyes profusely than other parts.

Here are top Tips to Follow After Playing Holi:


Apply warm cocnut oil or castor oil mixed with 6 drops of lemon to your hair once you return from Holi celebrations. Wait for 15 minutes before taking a shower. Neverr apply any oil for a day and repeat it the next day again. Once you are sure that there is no colour in your hair and that your skin is without any dandruff, then apply oil of your choice.


Either apply olice oil or use moisturizer with sunscreen all over your body. Recheck that moisturiser is applied on your ears, ear lobes and use a moisturiser with SPF to avoid sun tan. Apply cucumber juice or rose water to soothen your skin from the irritation of colours and chemicals used.


Trim your nails, if you have not done before playing Holi and make sure that your nail painting was removed entirely. Don’t apply nail for at least one day after Holi.


If you have acne, then don’t apply oil or creams after Holi. Use a mix of besan poweder with milk and apply smoothly on your face and wait till it gets dry and then clean colour gently before hitting the shower.

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